We’re Going To Try This

Alright Bloggies… I’m back! New domain name, new user name, new privacy settings… we’re going to see how this goes. As you can see, it’s the good ol’ blog with most of my recent posts. I’m really hoping that by covering my tracks with all of my address and search changes I won’t encounter any more stalking… but I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet. I mean it IS me, still blogging, and my writing style is pretty easy to pick out. Even hiding behind my new pseudonym, I’m sure with enough effort, paranoia, and obsession I could be found again. We’re not going to think about that though… we’re going to think about positive things!

Lots of positive things… erm… hold on… let me think of one. lol. So okay, maybe things have been pretty rough here recently. We hit a kink in our marriage, but we’re actively working through it. There was about a month where I really wasn’t too sure if we were going to make it. We talked briefly about separation and I even started looking at apartments and jobs but after about three tense weeks we were able to really talk it out. Most of it was me adjusting to the fact that Hubs hadn’t been honest with me at the beginning of our relationship. He thought that he was being polite and loving by keeping his opinions to himself. Which, I mean, is okay to a certain extent. Opinions on CHILDREN, and other IMPORTANT LIFE ALTERING DECISIONS, however don’t need to be kept under the rug. It was a devastating blow, but once I recovered and we established new rules of communication things have been improving. Slowly, a lot more slowly than I’d like, but they are still improving. Which is encouraging.

That’s really the thing that’s taken up most of my mental energy. lol. Desperately trying to salvage my marriage…. and because I’m really tired, and it’s late I’m going to leave you with that tonight Bloggies. Until later. 🙂