And Then She Was Two

This week my Little has discovered jumping. Both up and down on the ground, and off of thing

p;?s like furniture, patio steps, out of bed, onto the dog and everything else dangerous she can find=\;/

See? lol. She’s even attempting to help me blog. 


Anyway… lol. This is why my posts have been so scarce. I have a lot going on to talk about, but I can’t find Little-free time to write. Which isn’t a bad thing by any means, it just makes the posts I do actually sit down to write long and ranty as I’m trying to recant all of our adventures. lol. This stage in childhood kind of took me off guard. My Little is absolutely fearless. Which I guess most littles are, I’ve just never been privileged enough to have one around 24/7. lol. 

Yesterday we were playing outside and she took it upon herself to climb up the patio steps. I was standing two feet away from her, and don’t want to discourage her exploring (unless she’s in imminent danger anyway) so I let her. Until recently she’s been very cautious about taking steps down. She will climb up all day long, but if she needed to get down she would ask for help. Yesterday something inspired her to, instead of asking for my help, wander to the very edge of the step and LEAP right off into the yard. It’s not a very tall step, but when you’re only two feet tall anything over a few inches is a big deal. She wasn’t anticipating the landing, and bruised her knee and foot as she landed on them before rolling over into the grass. She sat there stunned for a moment as I bent over to help her up, but then instead of crying or freaking out she giggled with a goofy smile on her face, and bounced up heading for the steps once again. She gets it honestly. I was a bruiser myself, but wow. 

I curtailed that activity much to her dismay and inside we went. Not fifteen minutes after we walked into the house she was climbing up onto the couch bouncing around like it was her job with the dog, and then this morning I found her climbing up onto the kitchen table after a bag of chips. lol. She surprisingly hasn’t tried to get out of her crib just yet, and I’m not even sure why honestly. She climbs up onto everything else. lol.

In addition to keeping her grounded, we’ve also started the very beginning stages of potty training. She has taken to soiling her diapers and then taking them off and either flinging them across her bedroom or hiding them. Do you know how scary it is to look up and see a half naked toddler streaking through the room? No? Well it’s somewhere between: “Oh look a spider” and a near death experience. That whole issue is a complicated one at best. I don’t want to punish her for expressing her discomfort with a soiled diaper, but I really don’t want to clean up the mess either. 

You know I love it. I love all of these moments, no matter how stressful or hair raising it might be chasing a fearless kid around the yard or house, or super market. Chores can wait. Blogging can wait. My Little isn’t going to be little forever, and I’m going to enjoy these moments as their quickly slipping away. I know she technically doesn’t turn two until September, and it’s only June but my infant days are over. I brought her home from the hospital, and then she was two. ❤