Up! Down! Repeat…

Today has already been a day Bloggies. lol.

I woke up early and headed out to run some errands before going to the gym. I was supposed to pick up almond milk and a few other things from the store so Kevin could have the Jeep this evening. I hopped in the car and started it up. To my surprise the radio was playing. The chorus to a beautiful song echoed through the Jeep and I got all teary eyed. Kevin is ultra mega OCD. Like he should probably be on meds OCD. If everything is not EXACTLY the way he needs it, he freaks out. He ALWAYS turns off the radio before getting out of the car. Actually, he turns off the radio, turns off the lights, shuts of the car, fixes the keys, opens the door, steps out of the car, closes the door, checks the seal on the door and walks around the car counter clockwise before locking the car and heading toward the door. See what I mean? lol. So when I hopped in and the radio was on to a chorus which basically described my angst I assumed it was a subtle romantic gesture, which Kevin has been working on. I’ve gotten all sorts of little surprises here and there recently, and really the song was pretty much perfect. 

After that, I pulled out of the driveway all flustered and completely forgot that I needed to run back inside and grab a cooler for my groceries. I didn’t notice that until I pulled into the parking lot at the store. Still reasonably flustered I made my way to the other side of town where I stopped at Starbucks for my weekly sugar splurge, then headed to the gym. I didn’t realize until I pulled into the parking lot at the gym I was almost two hours early. Whoops! So I sat there on my phone for a while noodling around until Kevin commented on something I posted on FB. When I realized he was awake, I called him all bubbly and happy still over the moon about the song. I asked him if he left the song playing for me, and his immediate response was: “I’m sorry.” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the magic was gone. We talked about it a little more, since he wasn’t quite awake yet and didn’t really understand what I was asking, but it pretty much soured my mood. Not that he didn’t purposely leave the song playing for me, but that his first response to me asking a question was to apologize. 

So I was kind of in a pissy mood for a while after that. I wasn’t mad at him so much as I was mad at myself for getting my hopes up and letting my emotions run away with me. I need that. Those special, intimate moments between he and I. Unfortunately, Kevin never learned the art of romance. I know he loves me, he just doesn’t know how to show it in those special “just between us” ways. YET. He IS working on it, and he is making a vast improvement which I recognize, and appreciate. It’s also why I was so excited to hear that song thinking: THERE IS IS!!! That’s what I want!! He got it!! He UNDERSTANDS now!! But nope… we’re not quite there yet. lol. Oops. MY BAD.

After I dropped him off at work I had this list of fun things to do with Nora this afternoon since I was busy working in the yard and cleaning all day yesterday. I didn’t ignore her, but we didn’t really play together like we usually do. She wasn’t upset, but I like to try to keep an even balance. I don’t want her to think she needs me to entertain her, but I don’t want to deprive her of social interaction either lol. Does that make sense? Probably not… I’m kind of rambling today. ANYWAY… I had all of these things to do planned and ready to execute but my dear Little decided that she wanted to take a nap instead. She’s been asleep most of the afternoon, which is good for her actually. She hasn’t been sleeping much during the day and it was catching up with her. 

Once again my hopes were a bit dashed and I was kind of disappointed but it’s whatevs. I can’t really blame her for wanting to nap, because after sitting her thinking about it a nap sounds like a pretty grand idea. lol. I think I’ll go get on that. Until later Bloggies! 🙂