Run, Run, Baby

As you can see, my time for writing has been basically chopped in half these days. If I’m not chasing my Little around the house, I’m cleaning up after her. lol. She’s just gotten to the point where she’s able to really run instead of just toddling around and that is how she occupies most of her time. When she’s not running, she’s climbing which is a completely separate endeavor all together. Last night she scared the pants off of me. 

She has figured out how to climb up onto the couch, which isn’t a problem in itself, because normally she climbs up there with a toy, lays down and plays quietly until she’s ready to go do something else. Then she ask me to help her get down. Recently she’s discovered how to bounce. She will bounce around on the ground for hours, but this week she’s discovered how much MORE bouncing power she has on the couch. I was sitting in the recliner emailing someone about something I can’t even remember whom or what, but it was important enough that I didn’t immediately jump up to get Nora off of the couch. She was on the couch with the dog bouncing around happily with out a care in the world. I scolded her and told her to sit down, which she did for about ten seconds until she jumped right back up and set back to bouncing. 

In her course of bouncing she threw all of the throw pillows onto the floor with the blanket we keep on the back of the couch. Thankfully she did, because the next time I looked up and told her to get down she slipped and flew right off the edge of the couch and into the pile of blankets and pillows. It startled her, and scared me half to death. She fussed for a few minutes, but after I scooped her up and we talked about her mistake and why it’s important not to climb and jump on the furniture she was fine. Not even a scratch. She also hasn’t even tried to climb up onto the couch today at all. I think she got the point.

Aside from that adventure I’ve been keeping myself busy around the house. Today I finished our front flower beds, washed the carpets, mopped the living room, got the laundry all caught up, fixed dinner and washed the dishes. It sounds so boring reading it, but man is it a lot of work keeping up the house! I do get a break from most of the yard work this year which is a plus, but I’m pretty much on my own as far as the other household chores go. I don’t really mind it so much. I mean, sure I’d love if Kevin would help me once and a while, but I’m grateful for the chores to keep me busy. 

I’m still kind of in an emotional funk, and seriously can not figure out why. I think it’s just the time of year. May is when all of the summertime crazies start filtering into Nowheresville, and things get chaotic and stressful until August. Today was the last day of school which means all of the obnoxious teens will be causing trouble this weekend, and schedules shift around. I am aware that I’m still technically a young person, complaining about young people but for real. Most of the kids around here are hellions. There are a few who are not, but their numbers are shrinking. The city pool is closed this season too. One of the main attractions for kids out of commission. The youth programs at the local library have been discontinued, and the parents are all working extra hours. It’s a bad situation that is only becoming worse as generations of unsupervised kids, go on to have kids of their own to leave unsupervised. 

Blah… I’m getting more depressed just thinking about it. lol. AND it’s time to get the Little into the tub for the evening. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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  1. There have been claims of my insanity being contagious… Especially for avid readers of the blog. You’re doomed!! 😉


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