My Little has reached the age where she’s growing out of a lot of behaviors, yet is still a little small to move on to the next step. Last week she starting taking off her diapers and exclaiming: “Potty!” while running down the hall in the buff, so we bought her a potty chair. She understands the concept of sitting on the potty, but she hasn’t quite grasped WHEN it’s appropriate just yet. She will come and sit on the potty after she soils her diaper, and/or takes it off and flings it across her bedroom. I personally still think she’s a little young to start potty training, but I’m not going to discourage her interest in it. We’re in no hurry, and I enjoy watching her explore and learn things on her own. 

We’re also attempting to completely transition to “real” foods and get away from her beloved fruit and veggie pouches. Those things are so handy, yet also such a pain to ween from. Hand her one of those pouches, and Nora will eat on it all day long. Whatever flavor/variety you give her, as long as it’s in a pouch she’ll eat it. The pouches are about $2 a piece and since she is capable of eating whatever I’m eating there really isn’t any need to spend money like that. Today I made her a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie, put it in one of her cups and handed it to her. She took a sip, made a funny face, and walked off with it. A few moments later I hear the cup land hard into what sounded like a bucket or laundry basket. I made my way from the kitchen into the living room to find my daughter had dumped her smoothie into her potty chair. I looked at her, she looked at me, then pointed to her smoothie mess and said: “Uh… nope.” 

SO… it appears that my Little is starting to develop her tastes and opinions. She’s going to be out of luck if she doesn’t want to eat the smoothies though because I’m not buying anymore of those pouches. Of course she could be losing her appetite because it’s gotten so hot outside too. She really hasn’t eaten much of anything here recently. Not even her pouches. I keep offering her things so it’s not like she’s being deprived of food. She’s just too busy running around and getting into trouble to eat at this point. lol. 

It’s hard to believe she’ll be two this year… in just a few months actually! Boy how time does fly. 😦 Anyway… she’s starting to wake up from her late nap. Until later Bloggies! 🙂