Whirly Gig

Bloggies… I have JUST found a moment to sit down and think. lol. This past week has been crazy! Lots of good things happening, they’re just happening all at once and I’m like WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA there life. Hold on a moment! I’m thankful for the reprieve from all the crappiness but an overload of happy is just as bad. 

It started with the weather shenanigans, and from there just went into one awesome thing after another. I finally got Kevin into the chiropractor. He feels a billion times better, which makes ME feel a billion times better. Nothing is worse than watching your spouse hobble around in pain and not be able to do anything about it. We’ve known he’s had back problems for years, but much like me the time and money just weren’t available for him to go get checked out. I feel kind of bad since I just sort of roped him into it by making him an appointment and basically telling him he HAD to go, but it worked out for the best. 

After his appointment I had to run some quick errands before he went to work. I finished my errands and on a complete whim decided to swing into the lot where we bought our Jeep and see if they would take the trade in value on the van to pay off the rest of our loan. They wouldn’t, but one of the employees has a friend who needs a van like ASAP, and she’s fairly certain she wants to buy it FOR A HAIR SHY OF THE REMAINING BALANCE ON OUR JEEP. It’s less than half of the actual value of the car, but since it’s all we really need to pay off the Jeep, and she’s a mom of two with a third due in July, (and I’m a big softy) we settled on a price. That combined with the fact that my Spidey Senses led me right to her? Yep. She needs this car, and I need to sell it to her. I actually drove past the dealership and had to do a slightly less than legal u-turn across four lanes of traffic to get back to it. lol. You can’t really argue with that. She picked it up like half an hour ago.

It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the van which was one of the few remaining things I had from my grandparents, but it went to a stay at home mom with two little boys and a third on the way. Grandpa would be pleased. Perhaps, if you believe in such things, it was a tap on the shoulder from him telling me to head to the lot. Either way, it most definitely worked out. Now that we’ve got that squared away WE CAN SERIOUSLY START LOOKING AT NEW CARS. *happy dance* We were looking at older Subaru’s until we realized now that Kevin’s credit is back up to par we can finance a BRAND NEW car for almost half of what we’ve been paying on the Jeep. That and Kevin has never had the privilege of buying a brand new car. so we’ve shelved the old Subaru idea and are more than likely going with a ’14 Kia. We’re pretty partial to the Soul’s, but haven’t fully committed to them yet. 

Ten years ago I swore I would never buy a Kia, but since then their safety ratings have increased ten fold and they still have the best warranty in the business. Since we’re planning on buying something brand new, the warranty is really what counts. I mean if you offer a 200k warranty on it, it’s obviously going to last a while. Even if the interior stuff flakes/breaks as long as it runs and drives that’s all that matters. I personally haven’t owned a new car since 2005, and that one was a disaster lol. (RIP little Cobolt) But Kevin works hard to provide for us and I think he deserves it. He deserves to own a brand new car at least once in his life, and right now we’re financially able to do that. GO FOR IT.

Erm… what else has happened this week? Oh I’ve bumped up my gym schedule to four days a week. It’s actually to the point now where I feel worse NOT going to the gym than if I DO go to the gym. I guess that means I’m improving my health or something. lol. I’ve also lost a crap ton of fat. So much so that I have this weird jelly roll thing of extra skin going on. I didn’t realize how much I actually plumped up there in the past few years. I think I caught it in time to correct it with diet and exercise, because there is NO way I am going to have cosmetic surgery. Kevin will just have to love me flappy. lol.

Anyway… I should probably get dinner started. I haven’t really eaten and all of this excitement is making me feel faint. Until later Bloggies. 🙂