Big News!!

One of the downsides to living in Nowheresville is the fact that I have to drive nearly an hour to get decent produce. We live in a farming community yet the grocery stores only offer crappy produce… it baffled me at first, but over time I just sort of accepted it and started going elsewhere to feed my brood. It’s a pain and with gas hovering around $4 a gallon here lately I was spending nearly half of my grocery budget just to get there.

BUT NOW… we have a Meijer’s!! Well WE don’t have one… the next town down the road has one, but STILL! It will save us loads on gas, and while I haven’t been to the store personally I have heard nothing but good things about their grocery selection. OMG this makes me SO happy. You have NO idea. And there’s MORE: one of the perks of my gym membership is an opportunity to have fresh, 100% no GMO, grass fed meats DELIVERED TO NOWHERESVILLE once a week at a super sweet discount. I’ll get the same amount of meat, at a much higher quality, for almost HALF of what I’m paying now for the general store bought stuff. I don’t even have to drive to the next town to get it!! 

Of course the deliveries are only from June until September through the growing season, but even just those few months of not eating crap will greatly improve our health here at the House of Hale, and it tastes SO much better. I would buy it all the time if it wasn’t so expensive from the store, but the stores have it marked up like crazy and it’s just not worth it. 

Yes. That’s my big news. The most exciting thing that’s happened in Nowheresville since the Super Walmart opened four years ago. lol. OH well one other thing happened during my blogging hiatus. The local police finally arrested two of the major drug traffickers who have been “hiding” in our neighborhood. I feel so much better now that they’re gone. I mean, I know the police were watching them just building their case, but I hated it. I hated having them so close by. Especially since their house is the same style of house as ours, both white and both on the same corner. If they messed up and irked off their boss? Our house was just as likely to get shot up as theirs. We live in one of those older cookie cutter neighborhoods. Every house basically looks the same with a few minor customizations here and there. It really wouldn’t have been a stretch for some one to show up at our house by mistake. Which I guess is still a possibility depending on how long the guys they arrested stay put away and who they rat out etc.

I’m going to chose to ignore that fact and enjoy a peaceful summer. Or at least attempt to enjoy a peaceful summer. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂 

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