Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… it’s been a nice six week break Bloggies, but life around The House of Hale is finally starting to get back on track, and I actually have time and emotional energy to blog again. I’ve missed it terribly, but there were more important personal issues I needed to attend to. I know I know, being all vague and mysterious but I promise you really didn’t miss much. lol. The most notable thing that happened while I was away is my trip to Seattle. It was AMAZING. I actually have some snippets from my travel journal to share with you. I’ll leave you with those and see you later Bloggies! 😀

Nora did pretty well on the first flight. She got a little fussy when she couldn’t get down to explore, but it wasn’t like sustained banshee scream the entire flight. It was slightly awkward because some how we ended up with a middle seat. A middle seat in-between two guys no less. They were polite, but not over friendly and very patient with Nora considering we were smashed right in the middle of everything. lol. It was a rather uneventful flight over all. I’m actually really impressed with this airline. It’s one of the really basic airlines. No frills, minimal perks, but the flights are on time and we actually landed about thirty minutes earlier than scheduled. I also didn’t feel like I was flying on a rusty bucket so that was nice. lol. 


I think the most eventful thing that happened during the flight was our trip to the bathroom. Nora was a bit wet and gassy. I decided to seize the opportunity while our seat mate was up and about to head to the bathroom. We made it back to the bathroom with out issue, but as I was getting the clean diaper ready for Nora I noticed that the table and my arm was wet. She peed on me. My 19 month old, so close to ready for potty training child peed on me at 20k feet with no where to go or change, sitting smack dab in the middle of the plane, now soaked in pee. Yes. That was fun. Luckily I packed an extra change of clothes for both of us in our carry on. lol. And now it’s on to the next flight. She’s been quietly snoozing on her blanket for about an hour, which is great that she is taking a nap, but kind of bad at the same time. I was hoping she would nap on our last flight, but I’m not going to deprive her of sleep. lol. 


Our second flight was completely uneventful with the exception of getting pushed to a window seat instead of my aisle seat… Which mildly annoyed me, but Nora did enjoy watching the clouds and playing with the shade. She didn’t fuss hardly at all the second time around, but I think a lot of that had to do with recovering from the first flight with a three hour nap. 

We found our bag and my friend with out incident and headed out. The moment we stepped outside and the salty sea/sound air hit me…. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! And I am sitting here in the kitchen typing this with an uncharacteristically clear sunny day, and a glorious view of the mountains. REAL mountains, not the hills that they like to call mountains back in the Midwest lol. It’s just as beautiful as I had always imagined it would be. I’ve only been wanting to visit the Pacific Northwest for…. Like 15 years. Lol. Mission accomplished!!

We didn’t do much yesterday aside from visit a killer taco place, and pick up some groceries and snacks for the week. After that we headed back to my friends house where we’re staying, and O. M. G. It is amazing!! The landscaping is BEAUTIFUL. It’s like a tiny little castle with it’s gorgeous garden, and it’s pertched on a hill so it has these amazing old weathered steps, and stone paths. It’s like a little resort really. 

Nora did really well sleeping last night. I wasn’t sure how she would do after all the traveling and what nots, but she snuggled right up next to me and went right to sleep. It was so comforting to snuggle with her again. We hadn’t really snuggled since she stopped breast feeding and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. She’s gotten so big. *sigh*

Today we’re heading downtown to do some touristy things. The thing I’m most excited about is our lunch plans. Real sushi. FRESH sushi. Yee!! My stomach is quivering with delight!! Lol

Fell a few days behind there lol. Too busy tooling around and visiting all of the touristy things, and having baby showers. Lol.

Let’s see…. Friday we went downtown and ate at Blue C Sushi. O.M.G. It tastes so much different being fresh and not shipped frozen. SO MUCH BETTER. I tried some Seattle Rolls, I don’t remember exactly what they had in them. It was either salmon or tuna with cucumber and avocado and a spicy sauce. Delicious!! Nora actually ate some avocado rolls, and she loved them. I was kind of surprised actually. She’s never tried any sort of sushi before, but she chowed down like there was no tomorrow. 

The really cool part of the sushi experience, aside from being fresh and extra delicious, was the fact that it was one of the places with the conveyer belts. It was delivered right to our plates. Lol. After lunch we headed over to Pike Place Market and wandered around for a good while. I got to walk by the original Starbucks, but it was WAY too crowded to actually get into. 

There were MOUNTAINS of fresh produce and fish everywhere! It was so beautiful I kind of wanted to cry lol. All the delicious smells, colors and flavors. I was in foodie heaven and immediately wanted to buy all the things! After we finished walking around the market we stopped at a bubble tea place and got some bubble tea, which I hadn’t tried before. The flavor was delicious but the bubbles kind of messed with my tummy being tapioca and all. I’ll definitely try it again, but I’ll probably do light bubbles. When we finished our tea we headed over to the Seattle center to see the space needle, and the musical fountain. Nora loved the fountain. If it had been a little warmer I would have let her play in it with all of the other kids, but it was still a little chilly for us Midwesterners. She really wanted to jump right out of her car seat and play in the water though. It was adorable. 

That’s how we finished our Friday night. Saturday was spent preparing for and enjoying the baby shower. Nora made a new friend, whom she immediately chased around the entire afternoon. She even gave him a big hug and kiss. Lol my Little is a flirt. I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet.

Today we’re heading up into the mountains for a tulip festival. We’re driving right now just about there. I’ll have loads of pictures to share later 🙂