Write, Burpee, Write

Ahhhhhhhh. The Dawn of April, a month filled with excitement, daring do, and many challenges. Yes it’s the very first CampNaNoWriMo of 2014 so after I run Kevin to work and do some quick grocery shopping it’s time to buckle down and start writing. Because I needed April to be MORE challenging, I’m also participating in the Burpeessuck.com month long Burpee challenge. It’s an ascending ladder of burpees each day of the month. I start with 5 today, do 10 tomorrow etc. until the end of the month. By May, I should be able to do 160 burpees with out batting an eye. That’s the goal anyway lol. I figured since Nora and I will be heading to Seattle in 16 days (!!!) and I probably won’t have time to get to a box out there I needed something to do each day to keep up with my training. Lots of air squats, sit ups and push ups will be happening the week I’m gone lol. Anyway…

So those are my goals for the month of April. They’re kind of lofty goals on top of all my other normal responsibilities but it wouldn’t be a true goal if I didn’t have to work for it. I’m feeling excited and refreshed this month, which is a nice change from anxious and depressed lol. I’m still having pretty wacko dreams, and yesterday my intuition flared up a little, but it was kind of a fleeting moment. It didn’t linger or grow into full blown anxiety.

I took Nora to the doctor yesterday since her cough still hasn’t improved and she developed a slight fever. She has an ear infection. Her very first ear infection in fact, but her lungs are clear. Which is a HUGE relief. The only thing in really scared about illness wise is pneumonia. Especially since it’s been going around locally this fall/winter. I’ve never heard of so many people in recent history coming down with pneumonia until this year. It’s bad. Especially since they had to take all the kids meds off the market due to irresponsible adults and meth labs. Now we just have to watch our Little suffer until her immune system kicks in and gets rid of the bug. 😦 which annoys me, but is a rant for another time lol.

I have lots to do today. Bloggies. Until later! 🙂