Cosmic Joke 2.0

So remember a few months back when I was saying how my life was a giant cosmic joke? Right… well further evidence to add on to the pile… Yesterday, April 1st, I ended up in the ER. That went over really well.

My migraines are back with a vengeance, and it really scared me this time around. I went to the urgent care because Nora has an ear infection and I’ve also lost some hearing in my right ear. I figured, well we had the same virus, all I need is some meds and we’ll be okay. So I hop in the car and drive down to the urgent care, fully expecting to have some one look in my ear, write me a prescription and be on my way. Instead as I was writing down my symptoms for the triage person, they decided to send me down stairs to the ER, because my symptoms were very similar to a stroke. My migraine symptoms have always been similar to stroke, the first time it happened I thought I was HAVING a stroke, but that’s neither here nor there. I didn’t think anything about it. I just wanted to know what happened to my hearing, and get some antibiotics if necessary. But a simple trip to the doctor isn’t a possibility for Kelli. Nope. 

I get shipped down to the ER, which sent my anxiety through the roof, which only exacerbated my symptoms. Then I’m sitting here with the doctor explaining my history of complex migraines, and how I’ve been recently diagnosed with PTSD, and all of that jazz. It was kind of funny actually, brainstorming with the doctor about why I was presenting my symptoms. He said I was probably right, that it was just a flare up of my complex migraines again, but because I didn’t have a headache it was harder to diagnose for certain. I didn’t have any warning signs of stroke, and my pulse was elevated but normal so he wasn’t overly concerned for my safety, but he did schedule another MRI for next week. I explained that the previous round of all of this four years ago, the doctor examining my MRI was slightly concerned about some spots they found on my brain. He suggested that I pursue testing for MS, but I was uninsured and unemployed. I took the prescription they wrote me until I ran out, and that was the end of it as far as I was concerned. 

Until yesterday, when I wound up presenting the same symptoms yet again. I’ve known since we got our insurance that I really needed to schedule an appointment with a GP and mention the testing, but because I hadn’t had any symptoms in so long I’ve been putting it off. I guess I’m done putting it off now. The good news is that after dealing with my PTSD diagnosis, I’m not NEARLY as freaked out with the possibility of MS hanging over my head. I got through one crazy medical diagnosis I can get through another. I’m certainly not looking forward to the spinal tap for testing, but… that’s neither here nor there. It’s something to worry about, but not something to worry about right now. Stress makes my neurons even MORE crazy than they already are. lol. 

So… I find all this out, mind you I drove myself to the doctor not thinking anything of it. Nora was thankfully with my sis in law, but Kevin was at work and I had our only car. I get there, and sit in the triage while the nurse is filling out my symptoms and what nots and then I realized what day it was. April 1st. Ha! So then I was like: Well, what the hell am I supposed to do now? Call everyone and tell them I’m in the ER, or just wait it out? I ended up texting everyone because it was easier to do that and talk to the doctor than try to be on the phone. Besides, I wasn’t in any life threatening danger or anything so it was kind of pointless to worry everyone for nothing. People freaked out anyway, and then when I came home about an hour later (probably a record time for an ER visit) thought it was all a joke, or that I was being dramatic.

Yes. Thanks. That’s totally what I wanted to happen today. I REALLY wanted to go sit in the ER just so I could get some time alone. Never mind the fact that I went to the urgent care, I didn’t intend on winding up in the ER, and that all I really wanted was some meds for what I assumed was an ear infection. Why are people so damn cynical? Seriously? Okay so it HAPPENED to be April 1st, but it’s not like I really want to lose my hearing in one ear, and have numbness radiating through my body with random muscle (including my heart) spasms. Yes, I enjoy that. I can’t WAIT until it happens again! It’s a great time, let me tell you.

*sigh* This is my life. You can’t make this up. For reals… ANYWAY… due to all of my other shenanigans I didn’t get a chance to get as much writing as I wanted to done yesterday. I need to go catch up. Until later Bloggies. 🙂