Today I set out with one very simple goal ahead of me. Complete the last WOD in the CrossFit Open. I’ve participated in almost all of them, only missing one because of the flu, but this one was mine. The movements weren’t complicated, and the weights were relatively light. It was a lot of reps, but (and this is the really important part here) it was FOR TIME. It wasn’t how many reps I could pump out in x amount of time, it wasn’t how much weight I could throw around in a x amount of time. I had the opportunity to complete the same amount of work as every other CrossFitter participating, so I seized my opportunity. When I got there today I made up my mind, that I wasn’t leaving until I completed all 168 reps whether it took me 20min, 30min, an hour, or two. I was NOT leaving until I finished.

I started out with a loaded bar, because I can easily clean the prescribed weight. After a few reps, I quickly abandon that idea and stripped the bar. lol. The great thing about CrossFit is that the weight you use is pretty much irrelevant. It’s the form, and reps that actually count. You score higher being able to complete them as prescribed, but the goal is to push yourself to your limit. If your limit is an empty 33lb bar (which is what I finished the WOD with), then all that’s required of you. No one cares if you can or can’t do what’s written on the white board, it’s all about the effort you put forward which is why I’ve fallen completely head over heels in love with this sport. The only person you cheat, when skipping reps or scaling away from the prescribed weights is yourself.

46 minutes and 51 seconds was my time, which is a far cry away from the 8 min and 30 odd second time the reigning CrossFit Games champ pulled off last night, but again, that’s not the point. The point is I’ve been training for eight weeks, one of those weeks I was sick, and last week is the first time I’ve actually gotten back up to par for my performance. I’ve had about five weeks of peak performance. Five weeks into this whole thing, and I completed a competitive WOD. I wasn’t even going to participate in the Open, because I didn’t think I was ready, yet through a happy accident I got swept into it. I’m so glad that I did. Not only has it conditioned my body, but it’s given me my mental strength back as well. My spunk, my confidence, my voice, my value, MYSELF.

For that reason alone, today, I am victorious.

I’m also about to pass out from exhaustion. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂


Just to give all you non CrossFit people an idea of what I’m talking about, these are the standards for the movements performed today. Yeah. That. 168 of those.