Emotional Residue

Bloggies, I don’t know what is going on around here, but I’ve been a mess since Saturday evening. I’ll be going along minding my own business then randomly burst out in tears. Seriously, all week this has been happening. Today isn’t so bad, but yesterday was awful. I nearly started crying in the middle of my workout, in the middle of lunch, and doing dishes. Flat out BAWLING. I have zero idea why either. I’ve never had such an intense emotional spell with out a trigger or reason behind it. I’m 1000% sure I’m not pregnant, but I guess I could just be hardcore PMSing. I don’t know Bloggies! It’s either hormonal, or some sort of emotional residue left over from a trigger somewhere. I should probably call my therapist… Random sobbing spells with out provocation probably aren’t very healthy lol. Or maybe they are? I don’t know.

I DO know that I’ve felt exceptionally wacko this week, which is why I’ve kind of been quiet. It’s not that I haven’t had things to say, I’m just not sure where they’re coming from. I’ve been having some ultra wacko dreams too. Like super crazy, even for me. Lol. I assume the dreams and crying spells are connected. It has to be hormones. Which, I mean, it makes sense. I’ve been overweight for a really long time. Fat stores excess estrogen. I’m losing fat, which means I’m losing estrogen, and my body hasn’t had a chance to catch up I guess. That on top of also losing my excess adrenaline, and cortisol… Yep. I’m not a doctor, but that sounds like a reasonable, and logical explanation to me. Especially since my intuition has been quiet lately. If my intuition had been flaring up I would wonder about the emotional residue, but nothing has popped up on my radar so to speak.

These are the days/times I hate my biology. I don’t want to say I hate being a woman, but if I could just be a woman with out a hormone imbalance that would be okay. I know some of the guys out there are laughing at that statement thinking to themselves: ha! You wouldn’t be a woman if you didn’t have a hormone imbalance! Lol. It’s true. We are the more volatile of the species, and boy oh boy is it exhausting. Just as much for us in fact as you guys out there. Lol

Anyway… Nora has a bit of a cough. I think I actually need to call the doctor and make her an appointment. Until later Bloggies!