It’s That Time Again

Yep, in just a few short days it’s time to dive into NaNoLand again. I kind if lucked out here in the past week. As usual I was pretty strapped for ideas, until I was cleaning out a box and found my VERY FIRST novel alllllllllllll the way back from October 2001. The first draft took me three years to pen… Er PENCIL actually if we’re being literal, and I’ve never made it much past that phase. Being stuffed in a binder lost in a box has kept it in relatively good shape, but the pencil is starting to fade, and fade pretty fast actually. I’ve decided that April will be dedicated to saving that story before it’s lost forever.

I don’t know how much actual editing will be done as opposed to just getting the words transferred over to my computer but we’ll see. I’m sure once I get going I’ll have things to add and characters to change and enhance. Writing about an adult world 13 years ago when I was just starting to experience it I’m sure has left many details upto the imagination which I can now accurately describe. Lol. Thirteen years!! Wow do I feel old now. Lol. So much life has happened over those years. I’m kind of excited to read through my writing and see just how clueless I really was back in the day.

Even in just the three years it took me to complete it I could see myself and my outlook on life growing and changing. The writing towards the end of the book is much more detailed and in depth than the writing at the beginning. It should be fun to see where it goes. I’m looking forward to it!! So much in fact that I’m having trouble waiting for April to roll around so I can get started. Lol.

Anyway… I need to get up and start my day. Until later Bloggies 🙂