Hello, Monday

Yesterday was a weird day. It was our third anniversary (whoooo a new record for both of us!! lol) and when I rolled out of bed I was in the most random pissy mood I’ve been in for quite a while. We got up as a family, ate breakfast, and everything was just getting to me. So, I went back to bed until like 2pm. The second time I woke up I was feeling much better. lol. Still don’t really know what all that was about, but either way. 

We didn’t really do anything special, but we did enjoy a nice evening together as a family wandering around town for a bit, and when we got home I actually fixed dinner. Since I haven’t been feeling well I haven’t been cooking so me actually fixing food was a big deal lol. It was like the first real meal I’ve fixed in almost two weeks. We had some panfried chicken legs with orange, garlic and onions. Complimented with a cucumber tomato salad. It was all pretty delicious. The chicken was a bit too sweet, I think I’ll use lemons next time instead of oranges, but over all it was tasty. 

After dinner we popped in some Veggie Tales and then it was bedtime. Definitely not the most exciting anniversary adventure, but it was actually really nice. Nora went to sleep and Kevin and I cuddled on the couch until I fell asleep. Can’t really ask for much more than that. lol. I mean, sure it would have been nice to go out to some fancy restaurant or bar together with out the Little, but we can do that anytime we want really. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion. In fact, since I’ve sort of filled up my schedule with working out, volunteering, and taking care of Nora we don’t get a lot of quiet snuggle time as a family. We try to make time every evening before we put Nora in bed, but aside from a few minutes here and there we’re lacking in the family time department. I really didn’t notice until this past weekend. Although, I think a lot of that comes from being with Nora constantly. It doesn’t really occur to me that we don’t get much family time because she’s always around. I want a break from kid responsibilities on the weekends, and Kevin wants to see her. lol. I’ve been so focused on spending alone time with Kevin I’ve kind of cut his Nora time short here recently. I need to rework my schedule around so we can have both. 

Today, I woke up in a much better mood. I had some really creepy weird dreams last night, but I still managed to wake up in a decent mood. It was kind of hilarious actually. I dreamt that I was at the gym, but for some reason I had forgotten my shoes or couldn’t find my shoes. So I’m sitting here in socks looking for a pair of shoes to borrow and the only shoes I could find were of two left shoes. They were the EXACT same shoes, but just two left ones. Every pair I found was like that. Then, today after chowing down on my breakfast I popped on my snow boots because it’s cold again, and nearly walked out the door with out my shoes!! I had to laugh, it was pretty hilarious. 

I’m actually pretty excited about my WOD today. I actually finished it!! Since I got attacked by the flu two weeks ago I’ve only been able to do about half of the WODs. Today, I did the entire 14 minutes. I don’t want to say it was an easy one, because they aren’t ever easy, but it was pretty simple. 60 single jump rope, and as many Curtis P’s as possible for alternating minutes. 7 rounds of singles, and 7 rounds of Curtis P’s equalling 14min. I only did 40lbs for the Curtis P’s, but I didn’t want to over do it, and it worked out really well. I’m pacing myself a bit more now than I was at the beginning. I think I was so excited, and anxious during my first month that I pushed a little too hard. Of course thanks to my wacky brain chemistry I had an overload of adrenaline and endorphins to work off. That’s why I started in the first place lol. I was just able to do a WHOLE lot more during those first few weeks because of my extra hormones. Now my hormones have leveled out and I need to scale it back A LOT. 

I feel kind of like I’m slacking a bit, especially since I was able to do so much more just a few weeks ago, but I’m listening to my body. My body is leveling out which is AWESOME, but it’s also slowing down a bit because it’s leveling out. I’m still making great progress, I just have to take it a little slower than before. I’m just happy my moods are stabilizing. I didn’t notice the flux and flow before because I constantly lived it. Now after getting them sort of back under control anytime I’m even a little off things get crazy. lol. I took two days off from working out when I was sick and OMG WOW. I about had a mental melt down. Well actually I did kind of have a mental melt down. lol. But I recognized it and kept it from spiraling too far out of control. WINNING.

Anyway… I think I’m going to stretch out and take a nap before I start my chores for the day. I have bathrooms to clean, and a sink full of dishes calling my name. Until later Bloggies. 🙂