Yesterday was pretty much a perfect day. The weather was awesome, Kevin, Nora and I spent the afternoon going out to a nice lunch and to finish out the evening I went with one of my Besties to my favorite bar. We had a few drinks, some good food and headed home because we’re old. lol. STILL. It was a great day.

Kevin, Nora and I haven’t really spent the afternoon out as a family in quite a while. Kevin and I have been focusing on going out as a couple sans child, but in doing that we’ve sort of missed out on our family time. Kevin had planned on just us going out for our anniversary (tomorrow!! THREE ENTIRE YEARS. This is a record for Nowheresville marriages lol) but I wanted Nora to join us. So we trekked out to South Indy to one of our favorite restaurants, Smokey Bones, and had an amazing lunch. It was Friday afternoon so the restaurant was really quiet, the food (which is always good) was exceptionally fresh and quickly prepared. We ordered Nora a grilled cheese sandwich, but when my plate of salmon and broccoli arrived she didn’t really pay attention to her cheese bites. 

Yes. My nearly two year old turned down grilled cheese for broccoli and salmon. lol. She also loves brussels sprouts, carrots, spinach and lettuce. I’m definitely not going to complain about that! She’s even starting to get away from her cereal in the morning for fruit and breakfast meats. I always offer her cereal, but she really isn’t interested anymore. As long as she’s asking for healthy snacks I’m definitely not going to turn her down. 

After we finished our lunch we wandered around the mall for a while. It’s one of my favorite malls down in South Indy. Not that it really has anything more special than any of the other malls, but we hardly ever go down there. I guess that’s why it’s my favorite. It’s something I haven’t seen a billion times before lol. We weren’t really looking for anything in particular but it was nice to just be together. Nora was sitting quietly in her stroller just having a ball, until she started getting tired. Once she started getting tired all bets were off. She started grabbing everything she could get her hands on and pulling it off shelves/racks. lol. I wasn’t paying attention to her as I was looking through some clearance sports wear at Dick’s, and when I turned around she had nearly buried herself in sports bras. lol. There were like fifteen of them pulled off the rack and into her stroller. She was even wearing one on her head. lol. After that, we decided it was time to head home.

So back to Nowhersville we went. I was home for about an hour before my Bestie arrived to pick me up and head out for a girls night. We didn’t really have anything planned per say, but since she’ll be moving next month we need to get in as much hang out time as possible. We headed BACK to Indy to go to my favorite bar. The location we went to first had apparently shut down, which really made me mad. Especially since we went so far out of the way. I guess they combined two locations into one new one twenty minutes away from the previous location. We Googled the new address and off we went. We’d been in the car for like two hours at this point driving all over creation looking for this place, but eventually we found it. lol.

Of course once we got there I remembered it’s March, and since the home of the NCAA is IN INDIANAPOLIS, March Madness is kind of a big deal around here. So it was packed to the gills with basketball people. We still managed to find a table, grab a quick bite and enjoy a few drinks, but it wasn’t the quiet early evening bar experience we were originally hoping for. Still a really good time though.

The entire day was just a really great day. I needed one of those. I haven’t had one in quite a while. I mean life isn’t AWFUL by any means, but yesterday was exceptionally great. Hopefully more days like that are in my future. 🙂 I’m off to finish some chores now Bloggies. Until later! 🙂

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