A Subaru Saga

So since we’ve decided that we aren’t going to try for anymore kiddos we are trading in the van for a small car. We don’t need/want much. Just something for Nora and I to cruise around town and take the occasional trip to Ohio. Our biggest requirement is safety, and having something with all wheel drive is a bonus since the weathers in Nowheresville are pretty bad. We’ve looked high and low at a billion different reviews and specs for several months now, and finally decided that we want an 02-03 Subaru Impreza. Inexpensive, all wheel drive, and great safety rating. Not to mention it’s a zippy rally car, which I LOVE. Anywhoo….. We found one at a dealership and decided to take a trek up there to give it a look over.

Because we’re getting ready to trade it in we had the van fixed yesterday. Or at least we thought we had the van fixed yesterday… But we’ll get to that in a moment… My parents came up for a few days to watch Nora while Kevin and I went out to do something nice for our anniversary, so we left her with them and hopped in the van heading up North to look at this car. It was about an hour/forty five minute drive to the dealership. Everything was going smoothly driving the van until we got about three miles outside of the city. It started sputtering and carrying on like it did before. It wasn’t too bad so we just assumed it was working it’s way through sitting unused for so long through out the snowy part of winter. We stopped briefly for a quick lunch, and then made our way to the dealership where the car was listed online. After a quick once over in the parking lot not seeing it, we headed inside to ask. We walked in asked the sales person at the first desk about the car, to which they chuckled and directed us to another dealership in their group. As Kevin and I got in the car looking for the other dealership we looked at each other with one of those: “uh oh” looks. Sales people who didn’t immediately try to sell us something? That isn’t a good sign…

But we continued on to the other dealership anyway. We figured if nothing else we could at least drive it and see how they handle and all of that. Especially since I hadn’t driven a Subaru before, nor a manual car in like… Six years. Lol. I wanted to try all of that out. I remembered my preference for manual transmissions, but wanted to see if I remembered how to operate one lol. Which I did, successfully, in stop and go traffic and a light at the top of a hill. Whoo! ANYWAY… Getting a head of myself there…

So we get to this other dealership walk in and ask the first sales person we see about this car. He says: ” oh yeah! It’s right out here, follow me.” So we follow this guy out to where the car is supposed to be and nope. It’s not there. Apparently literal MOMENTS before we arrived another sales person took it to yet ANOTHER dealership in the group and had set up a deal and everything with it. Our salesperson managed to get this other guy on the phone just as this other interested parties financing fell through. So off we went to the third dealership in search of this allusive Impreza. We found it, and as soon as we saw it our hearts sank a little. Rusted rear panels and an exhaust leak. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some time and TLC, but for an 03 it was pretty crazy. Especially since out Jeep is a 2000 and in WAY better condition. So… We drove it anyway, and discussed our options on the way back to the second dealership. The interior was PERFECT. Absolutely perfect, spotless, it looked brand new, and aside from the exhaust leak it ran really well. The transmission was in good shape, it was a decent car. We decided to see what kind of offer they would give us and try to use the rust and such to our advantage.

After about an hour of sitting around filling out paperwork and all of that jazz the reason the allusive Subaru had been for sale for so long came to light. Banks refused to finance it because of it’s age and mileage. Which for a Subaru, we weren’t concerned with. It had been driven, but it was well maintained. It had AT LEAST another 100k good miles on it, but the bank refused. Lowering the price point only made the problem worse. So for a car that was basically worthless in order to get financing we would have to pay MORE. Yeah. Not happening.

Which really put a kink in our plans all together. We didn’t want a NEW car, we wanted an older car who had been out through it’s paces and we could have paid off in a year or two. However, as long as we’re going through a dealership instead of a by here place we can’t get financing on anything older than an 07. At least on a Subaru, which is what we want. Which I mean I GUESS is a good thing that we have to start looking at newer cars, but we didn’t want to take on that much debt. We’re pretty much debt free right now. There are a few lingering bills here and there, but as far as major debt we’re clear after we pay off the Jeep. So… The search continues. We might see if we can go through a bank and get preapproved that way. It might be better in the long run. I just never though buying an older affordable car would be so difficult. Seriously.

Anyway… I have lots of errands to run this afternoon. I have to pick up Nora’s birth certificate, and hopefully get something with our address on it to get her photo ID for our trip to Seattle in just a few weeks. I’m excited!! Until later Bloggies 🙂