My Little… she is growing up so fast, and yet still has so much to learn about the world. A few days ago she figured out how to get out of her pajamas. She hasn’t quite figured how to get them back ON just yet, but the past few mornings I have been greeted with a nearly naked baby. THANK GOODNESS she has left her diaper on so we haven’t had any messes to clean up. I’m sure that day is coming sooner rather than later and I’m dreading it with ever fiber of my being. lol. For right now though, it’s cute to see her jammies tossed out side of her crib and her obnoxious smiling face each morning. This morning after scooping her out of her crib and changing her into her play clothes for the day she dashed out of her room, directly into the office where the dog was patiently waiting in her crate yelling: “My puppy! My puppy!” She has been very concerned each day that her puppy has been whining while in the crate. 

I love watching Nora’s little emotions grow and develop. To see and know 100% that there is not a bad intention anywhere in her expanding mind (aside from testing me by throwing her cereal on the ground after I tell her to stop anyway lol) is both refreshing, and slightly sad. I want to do everything in my power to keep her innocence as long as possible. Foster her big, kind heart and keep away those who would break it. I understand that’s part of my job as a parent, the sad part is that it’s also my job as a parent to allow her to experience things that aren’t always fun, good, or happy. I want to protect her, but I can’t protect her forever. I can be there for her after the world breaks her heart, but that’s about all I’m good for, because knowing my child her innocence is going to go by the wayside in a metaphorical fiery explosion as mine did. lol.

Or, maybe not. Maybe she will develop Kevin’s logical outlook on life, and nary be phased by problems of the heart? One can only hope. lol. One can only hope. ❤ ❤ ❤