Yesterday Kevin set out on his the first fishing trip of the season. His goal is to catch enough fish through out the summer to completely stock our freezer until deer season rolls around. Part of his contribution to our family attempt at a Paleo diet. He didn’t catch anything this go around, but he is excited to be contributing. Well not that he doesn’t contribute all the time, but you know what I mean. Lol. He loves the gamey sports as in fishing hunting camping all of that outdoorsy stereotypical man stuff, so being able to do something he enjoys like fishing and be able to work it into my quest for a Paleo house hold is exciting for him. Our hobbies don’t often merge like that. Okay so our hobbies don’t merge at all ever lol. This is a good thing doing The Paleo thing together.

In other news…. I am allergic to the main ingredient in Tylenol. It sends me into crazy rage fits like there is no tomorrow, which is why I try to avoid it at all cost. Pain management is pretty easy as there are a wealth of other options. Sinus management? Ha!! Yes thanks to our wonderful drug addled society every scrap of Advil and Motrin cold and sinus is tucked away behind lock and key now. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem unless it’s Saturday after 8pm, and all of the pharmacies are closed. Lol. Yeah. We spent about a good hour looking for an over the counter aspirin free alternative to Tylenol. I settled on good old Robitussin, which I hate with a fiery burning passion, but I have been sick for nearly a week now and I’m over it. It’s definitely working I feel almost completely better this morning. Still a little stuffed up but most definitely on the mend. Yay!!

I’m excited because our anniversary is next Sunday. We canceled our Michigan trip due to all the crazy snow and cold weather, but it will still be nice to spend some time alone together even if we’re just sitting at home in our undies lol. My parents are going to watch Nora for a few days so it will be just Kevin and I. 🙂

Anyway… I think I’m going to go take a nap to fight off the rest of this but. Until later Bloggies!