Lost Myself

Lost myself there for a second, Bloggies. While I did make a promise to some one, giving up my blog is not the way to go about it. I thought for a moment it was the solution, but realized after thinking it over it wasn’t. In all honesty giving up my writing such an important part of myself and my life simply to keep this allusive promise would actually do more harm than good. I realize that now so I’m back with a renewed resolve in my self confidence and sanity. Baby steps. Baby steps. lol. Personal growth really sucks some times. Especially when you have so many things against you. Anyway… enough on that subject.

The sinus virus of death has pretty much taken over my life here the past few days. I’m rarely ever sick beyond 48hrs and it’s going on five days right now. I’m feeling a little better as time goes on, but not much. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I had eight million appointments to go to this week and haven’t really been able to rest and recoup. Kevin took Nora out today and it’s the first day I’ve really been able to sleep. Already I’m feeling a LOT better so hopefully after chowing down on some of my from scratch chicken soup this evening I’ll be feeling 100% better tomorrow. Aside from that, and my momentary freak out nothing much has been happening in the House of Hale.

The house itself is a disaster zone since I’ve been sick but… the mess will be there when I feel better. lol. It will keep me busy anyway. So far I’ve been lucky and Nora hasn’t shown any symptoms of whatever bug I’ve come down with. I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t just one bug but a combination of things all catching up with me. Told you, Bloggies. I can’t run. It literally kills me to run lol. Or at least makes me feel like death a long time afterwards. XD

And that’s about all I can coherently type right now. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lost Myself

  1. Well, M’lady, I’ve said all along, you do it for you, not them. Frankly, I hope stalkers know wghat I think of them. That’s what I’ve got my Homer “kiss my ass” sign for. But I’m not in your situation, I know. Hope you get past that crap soon, it laid me out for 2 days.


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