From Lion to Mouse

The past few weeks I have felt so incredibly peaceful, Bloggies. There have been a few flare ups of my wacky intuition, but mostly a surprising sense of calm has fallen over the House of Hale. I’ve kept up with the chores, the Little, the dog, and my WODs. It’s the first time in a VERY long time that I can say I feel 100% mentally calm. I’ve had spurts of these feelings before but never for an extended period of time. It’s kind of weird actually lol just sort of being able to enjoy life with out worrying about drama lurking around every corner. The drama is still lurking, but instead of a lion ready to devour me, it’s a harmless mouse. It gives me a start every now and again, but I no longer feel the need to fight for my life against it. I’m not entirely sure what changed, or how to do it again, but hey. lol. I’ve wandered into a good place and I’m going to stay here. Well at least I’m going to try my best to stay here. 

I am so completely and utterly exhausted after the WOD yesterday that I’ve resigned to do absolutely nothing today. Or well as nothing as I can with my Little to take care of. Currently I’m lounging on the couch about to watch some mindless TV. Because I’m so exhausted my mind is starting to drift and my intrusive thoughts are trying to creep their way in. They’re intrusive after all! lol. ANYWAY… so I’m struggling a bit to stay in the present and not let my mind wander. I’m also struggling to get this post to flow. Whoops blogging fail. Maybe it would be better if I napped first then tried to blog? lol.

Until later Bloggies. 😉