Well…. I was supposed to run 1200 meters today during the WOD. I ran aboooooooooooout…. 350 before I felt like jello. Of course those 350 meters were split up in two different sessions with a whole bunch of stuff thrown together in-between, but yeah. It completely zapped me. I wasn’t even able to finish the WOD, which irritates me like no other, but at the same time I do need to let my hip heal, and I also have to be able to take care of my Little while Kevin is at work. I only have 33 burpees and 33 squats left to do. After a nap I’ll finish. It won’t count for anything, but it will make me feel better lol.

Yes… running and I just don’t get along. I enjoy box jumps, burpees, and wall balls which are a few of the most notorious movements in the box, but running? HA! It’s not even really the cardio that gets me. I can row like there’s no tomorrow, cycling, even sprinting I can do with out issue. Something about running long distances and my body says: no. It’s always been that way. I’m just not a runner. Which means…. I’m going to be working on running a LOT this summer. I figure if I hate it, it’s what I need so there’s no reason to avoid it. Of course my failure today could also be contributed to my horrible lack of sleep. 

Nora was up until 3am this morning. I’m not entirely sure why other than the time change and just the general schedule flop we’re trying to accomplish this week. Kevin’s work schedule changed which, since we only have one car at the moment, means my WOD schedule changed. That’s irritating especially since I was just starting to get along with people. Well I don’t mean get along with them. Every CrossFit person I’ve ever encountered has been really nice, I just mean that I was integrating into the 9:30 session. The fellow 9:30ers were my gals. I wasn’t the newbie anymore. It’s not the end of the world, and obviously I’m still going to do WODs it will just have to be mega early in the morning. Me and the three other people crazy enough to get out at 5:30am on weekdays lol. 

Speaking of working out, Nora and I have been really enjoying this nice weather. As long as we have the car we’ve been heading out to the park most afternoons. She has learned to climb in the past few days and boy is she getting the hang of it. She climbed all the way up to the top of a big kid slide on her own agenda today. I followed her up, but mostly she did it on her own. I was so proud of her, climbing her little self all the way to the top. She’s now snoozing soundly, which is what I’m about to do lol. 

Until later Bloggies. 🙂