The Rathskeller

Kevin and I have been trying to get out at least once a week and have an evening to ourselves, or at least an evening OUT doing something with other couples. We’ve been hit and miss for the past few months, but we’re getting better about it. We’re on a three weeks in a row now! lol. It’s a new record!

Last night we went out with his mom, her husband, and sis and bro in law to this amazing restaurant in downtown Indy The Rathskeller. It was beautiful atmosphere, and about middle of the road price wise. There were TABLE CLOTHS on the tables. I can’t remember the last time I went to a restaurant with table cloths on the tables. lol. They also had a surprising selection on the menu of things I could eat while still adhering to the basic Paleo standards. I highly doubt any of their fare was organic, but it was at least grain free and high protein.

Okay, so it was this beautiful Bavarian restaurant with all of this rich German food on the menu and I copped out and ate a salad, but come on now. I’m taking my protein supplement, I’m doing my best to keep my hip in alignment and let my muscles heal, plus I’m training. I did not need to eat a plate full of meat and potatoes. I ate a few bites of Kevin’s entree, and tried the fresh pretzels and pumpernickel bread. That was about as far as my German food experience went, and I’m completely okay with it. My salad was a delicious Greek chicken salad that filled an entire overflowing dinner plate. It was tossed in the house dressing, with the most amazing olives I’ve ever tasted, crumbly fetta cheese, a wide assortment of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and pine nuts. It was perfect paired with my tasty mixed drink. I didn’t really pay attention to the actual recipe, but it was something with Crown and cherry. Whatever it was, so tasty! It had that great whiskey flavor without the burn and just enough cherry to give it a pleasant fruity note. Mmmmm…. I kind of want another one thinking about it now. lol. Guess I should have paid more attention to the recipe?

ANYWAY… after we finished all of that Kevin and I split dessert. A super tasty gingerbread pudding with raspberry sauce. That was so totally not Paleo, but so totally worth it. lol. Over all the evening was really nice. I’d love to get back to the restaurant just Kevin and I when it warms up a bit and we can wander around downtown. It was warmish last night, but still a little bit too chilly to really do anything aside from eat and leave.

The only downside to the entire evening was how much it made me miss my townhouse and urban living. I’m content in Nowheresville, and I’ve been blessed with a nice home, Kevin has a good job, and Nora has a yard to play in. Nowheresville fits our family the best right now, but urban life is what my heart craves. I was teasing Kevin telling him when my writing career takes off I’ll just rent a loft downtown for inspiration and he can come visit me when I’m on my writing retreats. lol. Yeah, like THAT’S ever going to happen.

It’s Sunday… I really need to start doing my chores and getting laundry and things done for the week. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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  1. I remember the last time I was at a restaurant with tablecloths. It was the Oaken Bucket in Bloomington, and me and my (then new, now ex-) wife had just come in from playing in a sandbox. The seater said, “George will bring you your wine list in a moment,” and walked away- we busted out laughing. Boy were we wrong-place-wrong-time!


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