I went to the chiropractor this afternoon. I’ve needed to go since I injured my leg in 2006, but never had the opportunity… well I won’t say never had the opportunity. I never made it a priority… until now. I don’t really know why, but I’m much more invested in my health recently. Health over all not just mental health, although being in a better place mentally has certainly had a better effect over all. lol. It’s probably because I have Nora to worry about now. I need to be setting a good example and all of that… I don’t really know, but it sounds noble and what not so we’ll go with that. lol.

Upon my arrival at the office I wasn’t actually in any pain. My hip had flared up a little bit two weeks ago, but I bought new shoes and the problem sort of fixed it self. Well at least I THOUGHT the problem fixed itself, but oh no. I was so totally wrong. lol. A little bit of back story… My hip was injured in a vague time period. A LOT of stuff happen all with in a few days of each other so I can’t really definitively say ______ is how it happened, but somewhere between slipping at work, a few violent night terrors, and my general clumsiness my hip was dislocated. It was INTENSELY painful for a very long time, but I didn’t have medical insurance so I sort of powered right on through it. I did have it x-rayed a few months after the initial injury when the pain peaked and became too much for me to stand. The X-rays came back normal, and I was prescribed mega doses of ibuprofen to help with the pain. No one really knew what happened or why I was in so much pain so I just took my meds and suffered along hoping to find an answer somewhere a long the way. My body adjusted to it after a while and the pain subsided.

Today I found out that my hip has been rotated BACKWARDS all of this time. So basically it popped out during the initial whatever happened to knock it out, and with out treatment it eventually made it’s way back, but not even remotely in the correct position. Each subsequent time the pain flared up was my body trying to correct itself and getting stuck along the way. Today is the first day in eight years that my hip has been correctly aligned. I’m an inch taller and everything feels SO MUCH BETTER. Sore because I’ve been so out of whack for so long, but still SO MUCH BETTER. All of my back/shoulder/neck/leg pain is gone. If I could I would dance around the house! lol. 

Now for the REAL test… going to the gym tomorrow. If I wake up and can still walk with out extreme pain, I’m doing it. I will probably regret it the next day but… I need a little excitement in my life. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂