This One Time…

You know that meme going around? The one about “no one wants to hear about your workout unless you trip and fall on your face” or something to that effect? Yeah… Well do I have a story to share with you Bloggies. I didn’t exactly fall on my face, but there was falling involved and bodily injury.

It was toward the end of the WOD. I’d already done what felt like a million reps of various different things, and low and behold we have the humble burpee. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll provide a diagram.

Burpees for a cause

That’s basically it. There are a few different variations depending on where you learn them. This diagram here is actually pretty similar to what I was doing. You can see he has dumbbells in his hands. In stead of the arms down thing, I was raising them over my head, and each time I went into the plank position I would raise alternating arms. So one arm down resting on the barbell, and one arm raised to my chest, followed immediately by the other arm raised to my chest before jumping up. They call the move mapmakers, but for all inclusive purposes it’s a burpee with weights. lol.

It was the last round of the WOD. I only had to do three sets of seven, broken up by three sets of seven sit ups. I’m powering along exhausted in a good way, when I go down for my second set of mapmakers. I completed two successfully, and when I was in the plank position getting ready to raise my left arm off the ground of my third movement CRASH. I wasn’t on a mat and the concrete floor doesn’t really do much for traction against a smooth dumbbell. My supporting arm slipped right out in front of me and I fell my full force and weight RIGHT onto my left boob.

It hurt and momentarily knocked the wind out of me, but I continued on. I did set aside the weights and finish the set with regular old burpees, but hey. I finished the WOD. For a moment I wasn’t sure if I fractured anything as my entire left side was on fire, but as the day went on the pain subsided and I assumed all was well. I kind of sort of expected a bruise, but when I finally hopped in the shower at the end of the day what I saw just made me laugh. I have a perfectly barbell shaped bruise and today a lopsided shirt. Yes… of all the things that COULD happen during a WOD I slipped and broke my boob. lol.

At least you all get an entertaining story out of it. 😉 Until later Bloggies. lol.


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