House of Health

I’m going to take a moment here and say just how proud I am of my Hubs. Kevin randomly decided last week that he was going to give up energy drinks and slowly start cutting back on cigarettes, with the goal of quitting completely. This is like the most monumental news that I’ve heard from Kevin since he asked me to marry him! As long as I’ve known him he has always had a pack of smokes and an energy drink. That’s what people think of when they think of Kevin, and he’s giving them up. BEST ANNIVERSARY GIFT EVER. Well okay so our anniversary isn’t for a few more weeks, but still. It’s March and pretty much anything we get/do for each other is considered an anniversary present. Lol. It’s the same with June, October, and December. Months of tiny gifts as opposed to one day of extravagance lol. We’re a little odd, but that’s why our marriage works. I’m trying my hardest to follow suite and give up the few remaining cheats I’ve had almost every day since starting my new Paleo diet.

Bloggies, the only things I’m having trouble giving up for my diet? Chocolate, soda, and gelato. Lol. Quite possibly the worst cheat foods ever! Soda is the real kicker. I can find time to make Paleo gelato, and buy unprocessed chocolate if I really wanted to, but soda really doesn’t have a viable Paleo alternative. I’ve been drinking Izze which is basically just carbonated fruit juice, but it’s not organic and is clearly processed so not even close to Paleo. Better than the chemical filled usual offenders of Coke and Pepsi products, but still not good for me.

I don’t know what it is about a delicious, bubbly, sugary beverage that I just can’t live with out but it’s got me hooked and it’s got me good! I’ve tried the carbonated water with lemon and lime but that stuff just makes me gag. I can’t even finish one can. It’s going to be my biggest struggle throughout this entire endeavor I believe to give up my sody pop. It needs to happen. I don’t need to be drinking it while exercising extensively. It will only hurt me more in the long run if I continue. I am very much aware of this and yet the cravings! Lol.

I have found a viable alternative to fast food breakfasts though. The past few weeks I’ve been so tired waking up to head to the box that I stopped through a drive thru to grab a quick sandwich. Oh it has been a terrible few weeks of long painful recoveries because of my eating habits lol. This week I’m trying some of the Uber Larabars. They aren’t true Paleo because they have rice syrup as one of the main ingredients, but they are gluten and soy free which was my main concern. Pretty tasty too, and they power me right through the WODs. I need to find a Paleo version or start making my own… But right now Uber will do.

I’m most excited to try my gelatin supplement. It’s basically pure protein, and it’s supposed to help tighten loose skin. Which I seem to have a whole lot of now that I’ve slimmed down. I didn’t realize how long I’d been severely overweight. I’ve always been chubby, but I never thought I’d be one of those people with flaps of skin hanging off once I started seriously loosing weight. I expected the flap around my middle from childbirth, the arm and thigh flaps are shocking. I’m rolling around in loose skin and it’s super disconcerting to me lol. I can hide it with clothes so I don’t care about the look of it, it just makes me feel personally gross. I’m not going to take any drastic measures with it, but I am going to hope this gelatin lives up to it’s claim, even if just a little. Lol.

Anyway…. Enough about me and my flappy self. Lol. Until later Bloggies 🙂