Time Flies

My Little has officially y the age where she can play in her room by herself. I spent most of the day yesterday cleaning and rearranging it to make it as kid safe as possible, and today instead of popping her in her crib for nap time she has been quietly sent to her room to play. *tears* She toddled next to me down the hallway, blew me a kiss, and headed right over to her toy box like she had been going to her room for quiet time for years lol. I think it might just be because the whole concept is new right now, but she seems perfectly content. I’m not quite committed to switching her crib to the toddler bed just yet but it is most definitely on the horizon. My Little isn’t so little anymore.

We’ve also been playing a game every night before bed. We will all crawl into our bed, snuggle under the covers, and she will point to Kevin’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth naming off each one as she goes. She’s still working on her “n” sounds so everything with an “n” becomes a “b” sound. lol. She got eye down really well, but we have “boses” and “eeebs” instead of noses and ears. Every once and a while she will “boop” our noses, which used to be her all time favorite game. I didn’t think infants could retain memories  until right about now, but some how my Little has retained a memory  of the “boop” came.

I really can’t believe that she’s going to be 18 months old in just a few weeks. From birth to one the year absolutely flew by focusing on milestones and what not. From one until now feels like it’s taken forever. She’s obviously grown, but she hasn’t made leaps and bounds of changes like she did a few months ago. They’re more subtle and meaningful changes now. She’s becoming an individual, developing her likes and dislikes, making friends, and really discovering her emotions. I can not WAIT to have our first real conversation. I mean we have “conversations” now where she will babble and make sounds at me, and I will reply, but when those words start forming and things really start to become clear? I am going to absolutely, swoon with delight.

My Little is my entire world. This is the absolute best job I could have ever asked for. Being a mom. ❤ ❤ ❤

Speaking of jobs… duty calls. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂