I’m A Ditz

So yesterday… It was Friday, and normally I go to the Box for the group WOD on Fridays. It’s just part of my routine, so when I woke up at 9:10am I had a bit of a freak out. I flew out of bed, threw my hair up, grabbed my shoes, a protein bar, and ran out the door. Thankfully because Nowheresville is so small I was only a hair late for the 9:30 class. I ran in the door, got caught up on the warm up and completely swept up into the first WOD of the annual CrossFit Games Open.

It was then as the coach was going over what we were doing for the day that I remembered WHY my alarm didn’t go off this morning. I’ve only been CrossFitting for about a month. My progress is coming along great, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to compete just yet. It is definitely something that I want to do in the future, but I wasn’t quite ready. Mostly because I haven’t learned all of the basic movements yet, and I didn’t want to hurt myself with improper form trying to keep up with the fast paced competitive WODs. HA! Yes… well. Silly me showing up and accidentally competing when I wasn’t exactly ready. Showing up LATE to boot. Whoops! 

I’m glad I did it. In fact now I’m kind of regretting not signing up for the registered teams, but meh. There’s always next year, and other competitions coming up over the summer. I’ll just be a little more prepared than I thought by the time the summer stuff rolls around. lol. 

That’s how my day started, and it kind of went down hill from there. Not in a like crazy stressful or emotional down hill, but I kept accidentally wandering into things that I wasn’t expecting. lol. The most frustrating thing was my trip to the store. We needed to pick up a few items before the snow heads in, and I wanted to pick up a few things to occupy myself if we get snowed in yet again. A little back story on this… I’ve been TRYING to buy a box of hair dye for over a week now. I got my hair cut last Sunday, and wanted to cover up my roots. I’ve gone to the store not once, not twice, but FOUR times this week after my hair dye and ended up with something different every time I’ve made my way home. Groceries, diapers, other things we actually NEEDED instead of something I just wanted to have but GAH has it been frustrating! lol. So there was that. Again as we were heading out to the car I was sans hair dye.

Then when Nora and I get to the restaurant for our usual Friday lunch out, I go to look for the tea I bought for the soul purpose of drinking with lunch and it’s not in our bags. I remember putting it on the belt and paying for it, but it wasn’t in our bags. Frustrating beyond belief!! After all of that mess I decided it was time to head home. Which we did. Safely and with out incident. lol. Nora headed to her room for quiet time and I’m about to take a nap myself. Until later Bloggies. 🙂