4 Weeks

Well after four weeks of CrossFitting I have my results. I was pretty much hooked on it completely after my first bumble through a WOD, but today? Today I got to add my first “real” (only 10lbs but STILL) plates to the bar during our squat cleans. Four weeks ago I couldn’t even LIFT a bar, and here I am today adding plates. CrossFit is sneaky. You go, you do the WODs and you’re exhausted, but because you aren’t consistently doing the same motions day in and day out over and over and over again your progress isn’t immediately obvious. Until that day when you come around the corner to a movement you’ve done before, and OMG this is SO EASY. When did that happen?! 

It was kind of the same thing when I put on a pair of my trusty work out leggings before heading out and OMG they are LOOSE. Leggings aren’t supposed to be loose! When did that happen?! Granted I wasn’t exactly shooting for weight loss and the number on the scale hasn’t moved much in the past week, but I’m exceptionally more toned that I used to be. Fat rolls are disappearing, and turning into muscle. Muscle!! I can’t remember a time when I ever had more muscle tone than fat and it’s super exciting!! I’m just like AH! Everyone! Do this! It’s awesome and it works! You know, one of those annoying work out people? Yep. I’m sorry. That’s me. 

BUT WAIT. There’s more! I’ve worked through some of the hardest triggers I’ve ever had recently with out so much as a flinch. I powered through my recent depression, kept on keeping on, and I feel great. Really tired, a little sore in spots, but great none the less. It really helps keep my anger under control more than anything else. I’m unfortunately one of those people who get sad, then get pissed off because they’re sad, and in the past I would start smashing things. lol. Now? I can just smash myself at the gym and my dishes are safe! I actually can’t remember when the last time I threw something in anger was… Oh lol nope. I remember throwing a book across the living room after someone walked out on me in the middle of an argument. I believe I scuffed the door and broke a shelf, but that was almost ten years ago. I’ve managed to rein in the rage quite a bit since then. Mostly through healthy outlets such as CrossFit and writing. If you took away my CrossFit and computer you would have a buzzing ball of rage and really no one wants that. lol. 

Anyway…. I think I’m going to go take a nap. Until later Bloggies. 🙂