Alright, Enough

Mrs. J. Helt,

You have every right in the world to be angry with me, you can even blame me for whatever is wrong in your life. That is, sane, acceptable, and completely with in your rights.

It is NOT, however, with in your rights to obsessively cyber stalk me and my family. Not only are you obsessed, but you are delusional. I have years of blog stats, and months of phone records to validate these claims, and they will be available immediately upon request.

Once more, for the record: I do NOT want to be involved with your husband. I do NOT want to destroy your family. I do NOT want any further involvement in your life. I do NOT want any further contact from you.

Contact including: views to this blog, views to my Facebook page, phone, email, etc.

Yes, the blog is public as well as my Facebook page. It’s true that I can not legally stop you, but I want it to be known that I DO NOT approve of your audience here any longer.

Please, for the benefit of everyone involved.


Mrs. K. Hale