Where’s the Love?

I am ultra excited about my new diet and exercise. It’s working, I feel great, and I want to share my experience so other people can see results in working out and feeling great. I’m not saying that Paleo and CrossFit are for everyone, but they’ve done wonders for me even in just these few short weeks. I’m going to talk about it. A LOT. For some reason a lot of other people in the fitness community are like ultra anti CrossFit. I was reading through a mass of articles yesterday afternoon and it kind of took me by surprise how down right vehement some of these people got. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and to share them. I’m not here to argue with people about their opinions, I’m just really like in awe about this. I have never seen such a force against a fitness program before. I didn’t even know it was a thing these Gym Wars so to speak. lol.

Honestly I really just stumbled into CrossFit by accident. We have exactly three gym/fitness places in Nowheresville. The YMCA, AnytimeFitness and CrossFit. AnytimeFitness is a joke. I’m not going to pay a monthly fee to walk on a treadmill and ride a stationary bike. If I’m going to pay for those things I will just buy them outright. The Y has slightly more to offer, but it’s more expensive and I would have to get Nora a membership too. I am not going to pay $40 extra per month for my child to sit in the daycare room a few hours a week. SO my last option? CrossFit. It works best for us, and I’m really enjoying it. Sure, a few years down the road if things go well I’d like to participate in some competitions but, really as long as it keeps me motivated, moving, and healthy I really could care less. 

Apparently those philosophies make me a “Fitness Hippie” which I’m not even sure is an insult, but I guess it’s supposed to be? lol. I really am just completely baffled. Like, I’m not even angry or anything. Just so severely confused!! My brain parts are exploding right now from the sheer… I can’t even think of the word! lol. Meh. Like I said, it doesn’t really matter nor does it affect me really. I’m going to continue doing what I do, and haters gonna’ hate! 

In other news, Nora said her first sentence yesterday!! I was asked her to take one more bite of eggs with her breakfast before she could get down and play. She popped a small bit of egg into her mouth, made a funny face and spit it out. I asked: “Oh you don’t like it?” to which a tiny little voice quietly mumbled in reply: “I don’t like it.” My heart about exploded with pride and joy. I got all excited and started clapping and squealing, which of course scared her so she didn’t repeat herself. But still. There it is. My Little is putting words together and she understands their meaning. She’ll be 17 months old next week. It’s gone by so fast. Ugh… she’ll be starting school before I know it.

Speaking of which I still need to get ahold of the admissions office at the school and see if we can set up a visit. I should probably go do that now while I’m thinking about it lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Where’s the Love?

  1. The webs are full of people just looking for things to argue about. Sadly, very few of them have had the idea of agreeing with someone cross their minds. If “fitness hippie” works for you, so be it. I saw there are sites that whine about paleo as well. And anything else you can come up with. Maybe you should pimp the two in a magazine article- just to get the other two cents in.


  2. I’m actually in the process of pitching an article right now. lol. I have to get my head on straight first. These past few weeks I’ve had a severe case of writers block completely out of the blue. I guess we all have our slumps. This one just took me by surprise.


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