Igloos and Sandcastles

Bloggies, I am completely and totally emotionally exhausted today. Whatever it is that’s triggered my intuition has just completely zapped me today. I am in a mood for no definable reason, and all I want to do is hide in a hole. I’m seriously contemplating bundling up in snow gear and building an igloo to hide in for a while. lol. Something about igloos has always made them seem very comforting to me. Igloos and sandcastles. I guess maybe it’s the frailty of the whole thing. Or the fact that something as small as a grain of sand, or a snow flake can be made into something structurally sound and safe? My brain is too tired to figure out how to put my thoughts into some eloquent prose today. lol.

That, plus the fact my mind is currently being scrambled by children’s songs, it’s amazing I’m able to think coherent thoughts right now let alone write them down. lol. Nora has really taken an interest in music recently. She was playing the Alphabet Song over and over and over again on one of her toys and dancing around the living room last night so I got online and found some free children’s songs. We’re currently listening to 50 Silly Songs. Rounds and rounds of gibberish is floating through the living room right now lol. She is having a blast, so I suppose a temporary lapse in sanity is worth it.

I really need to plug into my iPod, turn on my relaxing play list, and close my eyes for a while. Laying blissfully in the dark surrounded by my calming music. I can’t really do that with Nora here. I mean she’s safe in her crib playing quietly so I’m able to direct my attention toward other things, but I’m not able to completely shut the world out. I have to be at least partially aware of what’s going on so I can tend to her when she needs something. When Kevin gets home tonight I can take a nice, long, hot, lavender scented soak plugged into my iPod. Hopefully after that I’ll feel better. I usually do.

I think part of my problem today is the fact that I didn’t really eat anything aside from processed sugary things yesterday. Let me tell you, after weening myself off of them and then eating them again WOW. Really, they make you feel AWFUL when you’re not used to them. It definitely took care of any residual cravings I might have though, that’s for sure. Paleo all the way folks! There’s no going back for me now. lol. In fact, we were running low on produce because I usually go shopping on Wednesdays, so I dropped Nora off at sister in law’s place and trekked all the way to Indy in the snow after produce yesterday. lol. All of the stuff we planted last week has sprouted so hopefully in a few more weeks I won’t have to leave the house for produce! That will be really nice. I mean SOME produce is better than none, but FRESH produce is better than store bought hands down. And it will only be a short walk into the back yard away. Whoo!

Anyway… it’s kind of a messy post, but here it is. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂