The Trigger

Yesterday afternoon some one pulled into my drive way, got out of their car, walked up to my front door, hesitated, but didn’t knock; then returned to their car and left. I was relaxing on the couch and heard the snow crunching under their feet, but because I wasn’t expecting anyone I didn’t get up to see who it was. Especially after the hesitation and no knock. I assume it was just some one who accidentally ended up at the wrong house, but ever since I have been really jumpy and hyper vigilant. Which normally wouldn’t be so awful, except that it was sunny out and our roof is dark grey. All of the snow and ice that has accumulated over the past few weeks is melting and falling off of the house in giant chunks. Each time it started to crack, then fell I practically jumped out of my skin. 

So I’ve been a bit frazzled. Not like one hundred percent freak out frazzled, but frazzled none the less. It’s gotten a lot better since I’ve found other ways to occupy my time and I’m not sitting around brooding over it all day feeding into my paranoia, but it is there and really frustrating. I hate when things are going so well, I’m super focused and motivated then something stupid like that happens and my entire day goes to hell. I’m feeling much better this morning after a good hard sleep (even though I bounced awake at 6:45 again) and now it’s onto the next challenge.

I’m fairly certain my Little has a bladder infection, but she inherited my sneaky immune system which means she doesn’t get a fever unless she as a virus. So really the only symptoms I have to go on are the fact that she’s been very fussy lately and has lost her appetite. Being 17 months old, that could mean eight million other things too. She’s working on four teeth right now, we changed our diet, and Kevin’s schedule changed. If it is a bladder infection I don’t want to ignore it, because we certainly don’t need any trips to the children’s hospital, but in order to rule OUT a bladder infection because she’s so young, they are going to have to insert a catheter to get a urine sample. It’s going to be a bad week for my Little regardless of which route we take. I’m currently waiting for the doctor to call me back. I spoke with a nurse at the office, but she wasn’t 100% sure if we needed to come in or not so she’s double checking with the actual doctor. UGH. I love parenting, but in these moments of balancing between a trip to the hospital, or a painful medical procedure it really sucks. 

In addition to all of that, we also have another snow system bearing down on good ol’ Nowheresville. If Nora does need to be seen it has to happen with in the next three hours or we’re going to get stuck here. Her doctor’s office is on the far South side of the county which means a few miles outside of town. It’s about a thirty minute drive each way in good weather. Even with our 4×4 the roads will get really nasty really quickly. The snow plows have all but destroyed most of our roads this year. There are stretches through town where entire lanes are missing several inches of pavement. One giant, squishy, muddy pothole mess. That’s in TOWN. The country roads are gone. Just literally gone. Most of them aren’t paved with asphalt, but are merely old gravel covered with sealant. The combination of the cold plus the heavy plowing has destroyed them. Even the interstate is in bad shape, which is awful since they just finished paving it this fall. 

Country living I guess. lol. Anyway… I’m going to get off here and go do something productive instead of whining about life. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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  1. Last I heard we were supposed to get 10-14 inches overnight, and then it’s supposed to continue through tomorrow. I am so over this winter. I can not say that enough. OVER IT. lol


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