Two weeks into my switch to Paleo and the sugar cravings are hitting me like MADNESS. I actually broke down and had a bowl of cereal, chocolate bar, and small Dr. Pepper yesterday. Lol. Considering those we’re the first cheats I’ve had I think I’m doing pretty well over all, but wow am I paying for it this morning. My insides hate me right now.

It’s weird how there is a certain level of discomfort we just get used to overtime eating horrible foods. I never knew that dairy and grains bothered me until I stopped eating them. Which is beneficial actually. Now that I’m cramps and bloated I have zero desire to eat more cereal and drink more soda. Chocolate? Well chocolate is my vice. I will forever love and want chocolate there’s just no way around it lol. But if that’s my only vice I guess it’s acceptable lol.

I’m also having major CrossFit withdrawals like omg wow a lot. Because I’m new at the whole training thing, I’m limiting myself to WODs twice a week until I get acclimated to the intensity. I know it’s best for my body, but my spirit is like: “WOD NOW!! We have to do this!! RAWR.” Which is frustrating. I mean I guess I could go daily and scale everything down to the bare minimum but I think that would kind of be missing the point. I’m not unfit, so I don’t want to halfass it during a WOD just so I can come back the next day and halfass it some more. I’d rather throw myself into it whole hog one day, take a few days off, then throw myself in again. I suppose either method would accomplish the same goal. It’s not like there are really rules for how much you do since it’s you against yourself. I’m still trying to figure it out.

The other thing that I really have been missing lately is the sunshine. I am completely OVER winter this year. Seriously, no. We just got another three inches of Ice/snow last night, and it’s overcast and dreary. Even if it stays cold, as long as I can have some sunshine that’s really all I need. Just a little sunshine to perk me up. I literally feel like I’m wilting. It’s depressing. Anyway, off to do some yoga and get my body ready for my WOD beating tomorrow. Until later Bloggies 🙂

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  1. Well, you saw what snow we’ve had on my Saturday post, and I’ve already put my two cents in about dieting. And luckily, I’ve never had workout withdrawl… but these layoffs of late are giving me work withdrawl, and that’s FAR more annoying, lol!


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