Well That Was Weird

Good morning Bloggies. This post is really early, but I missed yesterday and woke up from a dead sleep, sitting bolt upright in bed about an hour ago. I have no Earthly idea why. My dreams weren’t like crazy or scary or anything. It was like a light switch. One minute I’m asleep, the next trying to figure out why I’m sitting up, which is quite a feat considering my core is on fire from my work out yesterday. Lol.

I must have had a nightmare or something, although my intuition is bugging me too. But that’s been going on for weeks. Which btw I should mention, I have NOT given into temptation and went looking for the cause. Even though the intensity is rising, I am committed to ignoring it right now. Of course, I’m going to ignore it and something catastrophic is going to happen making me regret that decision … I’m fully prepared for that too. I wish it was like a pop up notification. Lol you know like those little messages that pop up on smart phones? You have a message from so and so? Or you have an email from so and so? Yeah. If my intuition came with a specific set of instructions that would be AWESOME. For example: oh hey, be anxious because there is going to be a dangerous storm headed your way. Ugh if only.

Since I am now sans Facebook I found another online community for people with PTSD where I spend most of my time. I guess this freakish intuition is partly from the way trauma effects your brain chemistry. That piled on top of my already highly intuitive personality makes for an interesting combo that’s for sure. I don’t believe in psychic phenomena, based mostly on principal, and my religious beliefs. No one knows the future, but I often have a really good guess. Sometimes it’s comforting, but most of the time it sucks, especially since most things that… Well I guess trigger is an appropriate word, my intuition are not happy things.

ANYWAY enough of my insanity for this post, lol. I experienced my first real WOD (workout of the day) yesterday. It just about killed me, even scaled to beginner level, but I did it. And other than being a little sore I feel great. Even after one session I can notice a difference in the tone of my body. Which is AWESOME. I don’t think I’ve ever really been toned. I’ve always kind of been rolly polly, or just generally “soft” having some definition will be nice. Not that I want to get super buff or anything, but looking healthy is always a bonus lol. If I could only get a nice tan going on so I don’t look so deathly pale lol.

Maybe, if the sun ever returns I will. I am so over this winter like for real. Normally it doesn’t bother me, but this year has been really difficult. I think a lot of it has to do with being house bound during the really cold temps because of Nora. We had to run some errands Monday, there was no way around it, and the first time we left the house I felt absolutely AWFUL for getting her out in it. At least until I remembered that people in Siberia, and Mongolia have survived for ages. They have kids, and those kids have to be babies at some point lol. As long as she’s properly bundled there is no reason for Nora not to go out with us if we have to. I felt a little better after that, but still. Those first moments of initial guilt were pretty intense.

Anyway, after laying here typing this I’ve worked up a massive appetite. I think I’m going to go fix some breakfast. Until later Bloggies 🙂

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  1. Kinda sucks that the easiest way to accept this winter is, “Well, the Siberians do it.” As for the setting up, well, that was a lot like my Saturday post. The person who it was about didn’t understand why I “broadcast it on channel Chris”, but he ain’t the one losing sleep!


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