Start ‘Em Young

Kevin and I decided a while ago that we want our kids to go to private school. Not because we have anything against public schools as a concept, but we are less than thrilled with the local school system right now. One of the elementary schools lost funding two years ago, and even since the entire district has been in a panic to raise the state issued test scores. Not really a bad goal to have, but to achieve this they have cut arts programs, field trips, RECESS, and electives. The long and short of the local school system has become: This is the test, this is what’s on the test and we’re going to teach you nothing but the bare minimum required to pass the test. That’s elementary. As soon as they hit high school it’s all about college prep, even though they haven’t learned the basic building blocks to achieve good grades for their GPA. Yeah. It’s a mess.

ANYWAY… I’m not here to bash on the public school system. I’m here because even though Nora is just barely 16 months old, we have to start looking at schools. There is a TWO YEAR WAITING LIST for enrollment into any local preschool. My Little is just starting to form sentences, yet we already have to start visiting schools, and filling out applications. We weren’t planning on sending her to preschool, but because of her September birthday she will be six when she starts Kindergarten, and I don’t want that either. I’ve found two schools that I really like. They’re not terribly far away, and the tuition isn’t awful.

One of them is a very staunch traditional Christian school, and the other is a Classical School with a Christian emphasis. We’re leaning toward the latter just because our own family values are fairly modern as far as our faith is concerned, and I think over all our family would fit in better there. The curriculum is basically the same between the both of them, as is there mission statement and tuition. It’s really just a matter of who has an opening when the time comes for my Little to actually leave the nest and attend school.

I’m still having a really difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that my Little is gearing up for school. I mean that’s pretty much the idea of parenting. Taking care of them, and raising them for success in the real world, but it’s so WEIRD. You think that when they’re born you have all this time to spend with them, snuggling, playing, bonding and it’s all over in the blink of an eye, yet it’s not. There are still moments when she is struggling to understand something so basic like putting on her clothes, or closing a door where she struggles and it’s obvious how little she still is, but on the same token she is so much more capable than she was just a short while ago. It’s… I don’t know. It’s an all over wonderful experience. That’s really the only way you can describe it.

Anyway… speaking of my Little, she is ready to head down for her nap. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Start ‘Em Young

  1. As a staunch Christian raised in a Catholic school, I would also pick the latter. The best reason being that a “closed society” school really doesn’t prepare you for the bad things you will face once out from under its wings. Learning that Catholics are a group facing bigotry and prejudice just as you are trying to figure out what being a teenager is all about (as I did when I entered public high school) isn’t real pleasant.


  2. Very true. I went through the same “culture shock” when I was that age. It’s such a difficult balance to raise your kids with core values, yet not shut them off completely to the outside world. We’re planning on sending her to public high school right now, but seeing as how that’s like 13 odd years away anything could happen. lol.


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