Back to the Roots

Nora and I have spent the morning playing with her Legos and listening to some of our favorite classical music. Lots of Beethoven and Motzart, our current favorite being Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op 92. She could listen to that all day right now. Every time it shuffles into our play list she starts swaying back and forth with a giant smile on her face. It’s actually the only piece she listens to the entire way through right now. Seven minutes of keeping a kid still is a long time. lol. 

Some of my most memorable field trips growing up were those we took to the symphony, ballet, and various art museums. I actually didn’t notice how heavily arts inspired my upbringing had been until I moved away from it. In my world EVERYONE went to the ballet for Christmas, the symphony during the Spring, and any and all traveling exhibits at the Museum Center. That’s just what you did when growing up. Now that I’m looking to do the same things with Nora I’m noticing how unavailable these things are to me here. There is a very strong Arts community in Indianapolis, which isn’t an awful commute so I’m excited to see what all they have to offer. 

I’m already looking into buying a zoo pass for this summer. Nora LOVES animals, and I think she would really enjoy going to the zoo. We spent the majority of our summer at the pool last year, now that she’s a little bit more aware of things and really starting to develop her own personal interest I’m thinking the zoo would be our best bet this year. I’m also pretty excited to take her to the Children’s Museum over the summer. I love watching her learn, explore and experience things. You can just see the little wheels turning in her head as she figures things out it’s amazing.

Yesterday we spent several hours playing with her Legos. I sat on the floor with her, she plopped down in my lap, and watched me intently as I built a tower. When I was finished she picked up the tower, turned it over and over in her hands and started pulling it apart brick by brick. When she was done I put it back together again. We did this about three times until she figured out how to put the blocks together by herself. Then we built a tower together until she was ready for her nap. It’s so cute now at nap time. She will stand up and head toward her room, then pause and hold out her hand wanting me to come with her. Yesterday before she headed to her room, she helped me pick up all of the Legos and put them back in the box. Completely on her own. I was like, well okay then. Good job! 

She is growing up so quickly. Like insanely fast. It seems like just a few months ago she was a teeny little bundle that needed constant snuggles, now she’s going and putting herself down for a nap. When did she get so big? Where did my baby go? lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back to the Roots

  1. Dang, I was fifteen when I put myself down for my own naps. Usually at halftime of the Sunday football games.


  2. She’s the same way with bed time too. lol. When she’s ready for sleep, or a clean diaper she heads right back to her room. She has been a freakishly easy kid thus far. I’m waiting for the catch.


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