Full Bloom

Whoo! Finally got more an a few minutes to sit down and actually write. My Little has just exploded with energy the past few days. She’s always been a bright and active kid, but now that she’s mastered walking and climbing I rarely have a moment to myself. I don’t mind a bit. At least right now, but it’s only been going on for a few days… talk to me next week and I’m sure I’ll be ready for a break. lol.

So far I’ve been able to keep her occupied with all sorts of activities and crafts. She’s beginning to help me pick up her toys, and she loves watching me clean the kitchen and fix dinner. She tried to help me with dinner tonight actually. She snatched my spatula right off of the counter and raced into the living room squealing up a storm. After I caught up with her and took away the spatula she promptly hopped on her little scooter and chased after the dog for an hour, squealing, laughing, and having a blast. I don’t think the dog had a very good time, but she was at least patient with Nora. lol.

The best part about Nora being completely mobile now is the surprise Baby Hugs. I’ll be cleaning, or folding laundry, or something that requires me to stand in one spot for a moment when out of the blue two little (usually) sticky hands tug on my pants, followed by two tiny arms wrapping their way around my thigh. It melts my heart just a little bit every time. Especially when she looks up at me, smiles, blows me a kiss and then toddles off to find something else to get into. BEST. FEELING. EVER. 

In addition to chasing my Little all over the place I’ve really gotten back into my painting and photography. I think I took something like 50 photos this afternoon, and all of them need to be tweaked and edited lol. Well they don’t HAVE to be, but it kind of completes the whole vision I have for them. I was browsing the App Store the other day and stumbled into Pixlr Express. It’s kind of like Instagram on steroids lol. So I was messing around with that on my phone for a few days until I discovered the online version which is basically what inspired my photography spree. I’m still using the camera on my phone so the quality of the photos is severely lacking, BUT by the time I run them through the filters and edits you can’t tell. I’m pleased with them, and it gives me something to do since it’s cold and dreary out. 

I am completely over Winter. I quite literally LONG for Spring, and Summer. Mostly because I miss the sun. I never really noticed it before this year, but I really do love the sun. In fact I would go so far as to say I crave it. Which makes since I guess having all those pent up extra hormones gumming up the works. I should probably look into starting a Vitamin D supplement… that might help. Or get some of those Vitamin D bulbs. Anyway… just wanted to pop in and say hi since I’ve been missing for a few days. lol. Until later Bloggies! 🙂

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  1. Sounds like the next step for both of you is to put a “headband cam” on Nora and see what…er, develops.


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