Feel Good Films

Whenever I’m depressed, or recovering from a trigger there are like seven movies I watch that remind me of the beauty in the world and make me feel better. They’re the only movies that I wait until after dark to watch so I can dim the lights, snuggle up underneath my ultra fuzzy blanket, and sip on a delicious root beer or Barq’s red cream soda float. (Yes is HAS to be Barq’s because Barq’s has strawberry flavor where as Big Red and other’s do not.) They aren’t the traditional sappy, romcom, movies that most people watch to feel good, but they are beautiful none the less.

I started off my movie marathon last night with Lady in the Water. For a while before Kevin and I started dating I watched it every night before bed. I like all of M. Night’s movies, but Lady in the Water is my favorite.

Secondly, where I love all of Darren Aronofsky‘s films (Pi, Requium for a Dream, Black Swan among others) The Fountain is my favorite. The story is a little hard to follow if you aren’t paying close attention, but then again that’s what I love about his films. If you can keep up it’s a beautiful love story about a man who will transcend time and space to save his dying wife. Dying wife= depressing, transcending time and space to save her= awesome.

Next up is Tideland, which I really don’t recommend if you need a mood lifter unless you can see the beauty in childhood innocence in the midst of suffering. It does have a happy ending, but it’s very deep. It stirs the emotions at the very core of your being which is why I love it, but it’s also very intense and difficult to watch. Especially the first time.

Kind of on the same vein, Melancholia. I mean… it’s in the name. It’s not really a happy film at all, but instead illustrates the beauty of acceptance vs denial. Another really deep thinky film that stirs your core emotions. I’ve watched it like three times and every time I’m bawling my eyes out at the end, not of sadness but in a liberated sort of way. 

Guy Ritchie… oh so many things can be said of him, mostly relating to the fact that he directed the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock movies, but also that he was married to Madonna. Hardly anything is ever said (at least here in the States) about his movies. Snatch was pretty popular, but aside from that you have to do some digging to find the rest of his films. Again, he does good work on all of his films, but Revolver is my favorite. Another mind bender, it’s a peek into the human psyche, specifically the ego. It’s not as hard to follow along as The Fountain, but by the end you’re like: “Whaaaaaaaaaat just happened here?” It’s something you can watch a million times because every time you do, you catch things that you missed before. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my favorite books, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear they were making a movie, and to find out that the movie was JUST AS EPIC. I definitely recommend reading the book first, but it’s really not necessary to enjoy the movie.

Finally, my absolute favorite film of ALL TIME: The Fall by Tarsem Singh. The title of the movie is just The Fall, but there are like a million movies with that title so I always clarify with the director’s name. The visuals in this film are stunning. STUNNING. Absolutely amazing! Really you just have to watch it, because explaining it here in words just isn’t enough. I’m even throwing in a YouTube clip to help convey the absolutely amazing visuals because they are just that awesome.

There you have it Bloggies. The House of Hale’s Feel Good Films. Until later 🙂