Snopocalypse ’14

Well… last time I made a prediction about the weather (November tornadoes) I was horribly wrong. This time I said to myself: “Oh I’m sure it’s going to snow, but it won’t be nearly as bad as they say it’s going to be.” Yes… well… I’m typing this as we are completely snowed in for the second day in a row. Thankfully Kevin has plenty of vacation since it’s the new year, and I really don’t have any other commitments aside from my responsibilities here. Well at the house I mean. Not here blogging specifically. lol.

I really don’t mind being snowed in since I rarely leave the house anyway. The first few hours when the snow started really coming down and locking us into our neighborhood I got a little antsy. Especially since I spent most of the day Saturday doing my usual monthly deep cleaning around the house leaving me nothing really pressing to tend to Sunday. It was weird being all finished with my responsibilities and still having free time. I read quite a few chapters in the book my therapist recommended, perused around the internet researching random thoughts that popped into my head related to the reading, took a hot soak while relaxing with some tunes, did my exercise DVD, and watched the entire Dirty Jobs series on Netflix with Kevin. lol. I managed to keep myself entertained basically. That was Sunday.

Today has been much of the same. I folded all the laundry, cleaned out the cabinets, and finished painting the kitchen. It makes for SUCH exciting blogging, doesn’t it? lol. The only draw back to the extreme cold is the fact that Dixie (our dog) can’t go outside for more than a few minutes at a time, which means she is crying/barking/carrying on and has been since we got up this morning. Good that she hasn’t made a mess in the house, but bad because she needs to do her business SOMEWHERE and she won’t stay outside long enough to do it. Currently I have her locked in the laundry room waiting for her to do her thing so I can clean it up and she can settle down. Never did I think house training an animal would become a PROBLEM. lol. Other than that I can’t really complain.

Because I’m curious I bundled up and stood on the back patio for a while. Temps like these (-40F) are a really rare thing around these parts so I wanted the chance to get out an experience it first hand. I’m not sure if it was because I was bundled up in my ultra down coat (which I think is rated for -30F but I can’t remember because I’ve had it for like four years) or if I just acclimate to the cold really quickly, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I didn’t stand out in it for very long, nor would I want to but over all it wasn’t like super shocking or anything. I’m still taking the advice of the weather people and staying in doors because I kind of like my face and frostbite is no fun. It just wasn’t what I expected. Although having never experienced it before I don’t exactly know what my expectations were either. lol.

Can you tell that I’m bored, Bloggies? Rambling on and on and on? Yes… well I think I’m going to find something else to entertain myself and spare you from any further musings. Until later Bloggies! 🙂