The Definition

I have been in a constant state of transition through out the entire life of this blog. From one relationship to another, from one dwelling to another, from one job to another, from dating to marriage, from newly weds to parents, from a professional in the workplace to a housewife and mom. Everything has been up in the air. Now with the ability to slow down and reflect a little, because I mean let’s face it, there isn’t much else you can do when sitting around with a baby in your arms constantly. lolI realized that I lost a lot of myself on my journey. It really started right after high school when I was venturing out into the world and trying to figure everything out. I always knew who I was, but the constant criticism and judgement from others made me doubt myself, and so I changed. The way I spoke, the styles I wore, the friends I hung around with, the things I enjoyed, all of that I changed. Not really in an attempt to “fit in” but more of a soul searching thing. I had been so completely obstinate when I was younger I refused to try anything new. I knew what I liked, and how I wanted to present myself everything else be damned, but as I grew older I realized how completely immature and ignorant I was to think that and behave that way. So I attempted to broaden my horizons.Everything I learned along the way was for the most part a great experience. It brought me where I am today, and where I am today I couldn’t be more happy or content. I have finally hashed it all out and put all of my various experiences into one complete package. I guess you could say that I’ve finally settled on what I want to be when I grow up. lol. It’s funny how I’ve returned mostly to who I was just out of high school. I’m a lot more opened minded, and less angry but the true essence of Kelli is the same. Seeing as how I didn’t start this blog until well after high school  no one here knows what that means. lol. It’s kind of hard to describe, especially since I’m describing myself. Pictures would work better, but I can’t upload pictures from my phone so…. Yeah. I have completely lost my train of thought. I’m not going to lie. lol.

Thanks Mommy Brain. I didn’t need to finish this deep thoughtful life altering post or anything. lol. I guess I’ll have to revisit this later when I can form complete sentences. lol. Blogging fail!!

Until later Bloggies. :)