The House of Hale 2013: Pt 8

 25 What were your favorite TV programs?

Since we don’t really have TV service we don’t watch much. We do have Netflix, but mostly it’s just movies and stuff. Or y’know, reading books, writing, playing with the kid. I did really enjoy House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black. Netflix originals FTW!


 26 Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

Lol… wow. No, in fact the quite the opposite. That, and it takes a WHOLE lot for me to really “hate” people. I honestly can’t think of one single person I’ve ever truly hated. There have been a lot of people I’ve severely disliked for a while, but never hated. 


27 What was the best book you read in 2013?

I think the only book I’ve read this year has been Goodnight Moon a million times while putting Nora to bed. Not the most in depth piece of literature out there, but I enjoy it. 


28 What was your greatest musical discovery?

See now this is truly a testament to how old I’m getting. New music annoys me for the most part. Lol. 


 29 What did you want and get?

At the beginning of the year all I wanted was a happy healthy kid, and a happy home to raise her in. I was blessed to achieve both of those things.


30 What did you want but did NOT get

Baby 2. We’re still unclear as to why we’re having trouble conceiving our second kiddo. It’s upsetting and a little depressing, but at this point I’ve really accepted that two kids might not be in the cards for The House of Hale. Considering how lucky I was just to have Nora, I’m only keeping a small little flicker of hope for a second kid. If we don’t conceive in 2014 I’m throwing in the towel, being extra thankful for my little Lucky 13 and putting that dream to rest.

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