Found It

Well after an entire day of pouring over everything that could possibly be triggering my hypersensitivity, I found the culprit. That’s really all I feel comfortable saying here publicly. I’m not intentionally trying to be vague, or mislead anyone. It’s just something personal that I’d rather not discuss here.

ANYWAY… on to fluffy, happy, holiday things.

Nora’s newest game in the morning is sharing her breakfast with me. She will sit in her high chair, hand me pieces of cereal, and share her milk. It’s adorable, and having that special moment with her each morning is really helping me keep things in prospective. Now that she’s in the test mommy phase and I’m constantly chasing her around telling her no, and explaining why she can’t get into things we don’t have a lot of snuggle time, or play time because she’s usually mad at me. lol. She will come up to me while I’m sitting on the couch, pat my knee and give me a cheesy grin several times a day, but that’s about all I get as far as affection goes from her right now. She doesn’t even want her snuggles before bed time anymore. We’ll go into her room, I’ll turn on her music box, give her a hug and she wants to be put in her crib. 

It was surprising at first that she didn’t want to snuggle anymore, and every once and a while she will have a bad night where I have to go in and rock her before she will go back to sleep, but most of the time she’s on her own for bed time. It’s good that she’s developing the ability to self sooth so early, and I know it’s not like she has a personal vendetta against me or anything, it’s still kind of tweaks my heart a little. I miss my newborn snuggles. 

I actually have a doctors appointment in a few weeks to see why we’re having so much trouble with Baby 2. It’s really just my annual check up, but I figured since I’m there I might as well ask about the other stuff. Can’t hurt anything right? I’m really hoping that it’s going to be an easy fix, and I’m not going to get terrible devastating news. I hate going to the doctor for just that reason. It’s a lot of anxiety for eight million reasons. Even when it’s a good visit, and nothing is wrong I still hate going… but enough of that. I can’t let worry sneak back in. I’m sure everything will be fine, and the only thing that’s wrong is a slight hormone imbalance easily corrected with one kind of pill or another. Keep your fingers crossed Bloggies! lol.

Now, I really need to finish the dishes. Until later 🙂