Hello December

I can’t believe it’s already December. This year has just flown by. Part of that is because we were hopping from one milestone to the next with Nora giving us something to aim for every few months, we bought a house, moving, remodeling, my diagnosis, all of the wacky roller coaster emotions that came a long with that trying for Baby 2, Kevin’s promotion, apologizing for being such a tool in my early 20s, all of the wacky roller coaster emotions that came along with that lol, taking steps to turn my writing into something other than a hobby, Boris, blizzards, floods, and tornadoes. We’ve kind of had a full year here at The House of Hale. Honestly I’m pretty excited that it’s drawing to a close.

Not because it was a BAD year, just because I’m excited to see what 2014 will bring to the table. These last few weeks of 2013 will be busily spent preparing for Christmas. We never invested in a nice tree while we were moving all over the place so we have to buy a tree plus everything we need to put on the tree lol. Nora and I are making gifts this year. Well I’m making them, but Nora is donating her handprint for the signatures on the bag lol.

Kevin’s family is next to impossible to buy gifts for. It’s not a bad thing because the reason behind them being so difficult is their humility, but wow does it make things awkward and difficult during the shopping season. The past few years we’ve bought them gifts anyway just because we wanted to, but after two Christmases of: “oh you didn’t have to” and “nope don’t buy us anything” I’m taking them at their word this year. Card, small handmade gift and we’re done. Hopefully I won’t offend anyone or cause world war three… Kevin likes the idea so I’m taking that as a good sign. Even if I do offend them, they’re stuck with me. They’ll get over it lol.

Well anyway. Nora is starting to stir from sleep. I better go. Until later Bloggies 🙂