Post Holiday Bliss

Thanksgiving was PERFECT Bloggies. One of the best I’ve had in a very long time. It was so nice to be all domestic and hostessy. I actually got to use my serving ware that Kevin bought me for our first anniversary! We’ve only been married almost three years, and Thursday was the very first time I was able to put it to use. lol. We didn’t have a lot of visitors, really just my parents and sisters came up, but that’s okay. I wasn’t exactly expecting anyone else, but I did extend the invite to Kevin’s family and many of our friends. It worked out okay though because the seven of us managed to polish off almost everything. lol. If we had a bunch of other people show up we would have ran out of food, and I didn’t exactly buy groceries for next week.

Nora was so completely over whelmed with all of the new foods and flavors she encountered. Last year she wasn’t eating solid foods so this year was her first actual Thanksgiving feast experience. When she sat down the first thing she grabbed off of her plate was a fist full of stuffing. She crammed as much as she could into her mouth before the flavor actually sank in. When the flavor sank in her eyes got so wide it was hilarious. I tried to get a few good pictures but none of them really turned out very well. lol. It was so adorable. She devoured the rest of her plate the same way. Fist fulls of everything until her little belly button was popped out. lol. Surprisingly she didn’t really nap much, but then again she didn’t really eat that much turkey either.

After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around doing nothing as one does on Thanksgiving Day. lol. After my family headed back to Ohio Kevin and I started hauling out our Christmas decorations. I’ve been slowly gathering things over the years, but now that we’re pretty much settled into a place for a while we’re really going gung ho this year. We’re buying a new tree, I’ve got actual like nice non kid decor that we’re putting all over the house, and it’s just going to be exciting to start new Hale Family traditions. We’re staying here in Nowheresville for Christmas as well, and Thanksgiving went so well I might try to do another meal or something.

We’re still waiting to hear what Kevin’s work schedule will be, but I think he’ll be off the entire week through New Years Day. Even if he doesn’t get the time off from work he has a bunch of vacation he has to use, so more than likely we’ll have the entire week together. I’m pretty excited. Having a great Thanksgiving has really lifted my spirits back to pre-memoir crazy therapy freak out triggered Kelli. I think it’s just what I needed. Well that, and I’ve been staying busy… That helps a lot too. Either way… I’ve had a great weekend so far. Hopefully you have as well Bloggies! Until later!