House of Thanks: Day 6

Today I am thankful for my diagnosis. Yes it’s kind of a weird thing to be thankful for. Not many people are like: “hey I’m crazy! Thank you!!” Well… I guess that depends on why they’re considered “crazy” lol… Anyway, I’m thankful because of the bridge it creates to understanding for the public at large. Oh hey, I’m not just some immature emotional weirdo. I have this medically defined and professionally diagnosed disorder. I have resources to share with people, I have people with similar stories and experiences to relate to, I have an awesome excuse to get out of legal entanglements!! (Just kidding lol) There are so many doors that have been opened all because I took the initiative to seek help.

True, there are also many things I sacrificed by choosing to accept and embrace the fact that I have a “problem” with the way I process things. My pride and ego took quite a blow at first. No one wants to stand up and admit they’re “crazy”. Even I wrestled with sharing it here. I knew weeks before I decided to share it with anyone, and honestly there are some days when I really wish I hadn’t, but the positives that have come from my sharing are slowly starting to tip the negatives filling me with a sense of encouragement and empowerment so vital to my recovery.

It’s been a wild ride, but I am truly thankful.