House of Thanks: Day 5

Today I’m thankful for you, Bloggies. Way back in the late summer 2007 when I started blogging I never expected so many opportunities or new friends would result. I actually started blogging because I kept losing paper journals, not because I thought I had anything important to say.  In fact I didn’t even get my first follower until Spring 2010. People would stop by and read here and there, but no one took the time to click that button and truly commit to read regularly.

After that things just sort of exploded. I went from one to sixty followers in the span of a week, not only did I have followers but I had interaction with my followers. Comments and guest posts, shares, networking, friendships. They all just sort of popped up out of the blue. With my renewed sense of confidence I began writing more, and more honing my writing skills in this arena as well as others. My first stab at NaNoWriMo was inspired by my blogging “success”, which lead to three subsequent attempts, and eventually my decision to write down my memoirs.

All because some complete strangers decided that reading my mundane stories about life were worth it. lol. Thank you, Bloggies. 🙂F7b1f67bc38f908cd3652b62d5dfef40