House of Thanks: Day 2

Illustration today i am thankful

Hey!! Two days in a row!! It’s quite a feat for me. lol.

Today I am thankful for my husband and his enormous wealth of patience for any and all of my misadventures. He is my anchor keeping me moored steadfast through the many storms of life. Even when those storms are stirred up by none other than yours truly. lol. He is a kind and gentle soul, my perfect compliment.

Because he is my perfect compliment, he is also the perfect father to our Little. I love watching them play together. The look in her eyes when she sees her Daddy just really melts the heart. Watching her stand at the door every evening calling: “Dada! Dada! Dada!” is so precious. Listening to her sing Daaaaaaaaada Daaaaaaaaada while she’s playing quietly off in her own world. She absolutely adores him, and he has made a lot of changes in himself to be a better example for her. 

He gave up his dream of working in the music industry for us, and more recently he passed up the opportunity to play with a local band on the weekends so he could spend time with us. Even when spending time with us means sitting in the same room watching tv and not talking, he’s here. With us, as much as he possibly can be while still providing for us. I didn’t really notice that until recently. I assumed that he was home with us because he had nothing better to do, but in reality he’s passed up so many opportunities. He’s humble and quiet so he never mentions it when he passes  something up, but there have been so many times…

Even though I sort of haphazardly stumbled into our marriage (again… but that’s another story for another day lol) I have been so lucky. I need to start seeing him for what he is, instead of trying to make him into something that I want. What he is, it’s exactly what I need. Even though there are days where I just want to string him up like a pinata. lol.