This Has Turned Into Work

It’s funny how my little hobby of blogging has turned into like an actual job. I’ve been busily scouring Pinterest for quotes and inspiration to share, mulling over what I’m actually going to write, and beefing up my actual “image” prior to my publication. I’ve never actually tried to sell myself until recently (well that just reads all sorts of hilarious and wrong lol) and I didn’t honestly realize how much work goes into marketing your image to the masses. It’s kind of a big deal, and it’s taking up a whole lot of my time.

Which on one hand is good. When I get bored I get thoughtful and those who have been following for a while know when I get thoughtful things get pretty crazy around here. lol. It’s better when I’m not intensely focused on my thoughts. How many people can actually say that? My life is better when I’m NOT thinking. lol. Well I wouldn’t say not thinking, just occupied with other things aside from my inner turmoil. 

I think I’m going to try something new this year. I’ve tried to do series posts before and always falter half way through, but those were month long series. I think if I can just do a week of thankfulness in the days leading up to Thanksgiving I can handle it… or maybe not. lol. We’ll see!! Yes, I’d like to do a Week of Thankfulness. I kind of just decided this last night, so I don’t know how like deep and well written the posts will be, but hey. Things go better when I’m not thinking, remember? 

Right now, I really need to get back to folding laundry. Every stitch of clothing in the house is clean, but it’s all piled in a wrinkled mess on top of the washing machine. Normally it goes straight from the dryer onto our bodies so folding isn’t too much of a priority for me. Lately with the change of seasons and Nora hitting a growth spurt my pile has ever so slowly been growing. It’s really hard to keep our various wardrobes organized too since we still haven’t finished our closets in the master bedroom and hallway. Even when everything is said and done, clean and folded it’s just tossed in the spare bedroom in baskets. 

Someday, Bloggies. Someday, when Nora goes off to college and Kevin retires my house will be organized. lol. 🙂