Actual Doom

Remember how I said I would probably be eating my words yesterday? Well yeah… we had a tornado touch down in good old Nowheresville. No one was seriously injured, but several businesses in the business park were destroyed leaving my Brother in Law with out work for a day or two, a friend of ours who just started last week unemployed yet again, and the entire South side of town in shambles. I’m sorry I didn’t take it seriously. My bad.

We personally managed to skirt disaster completely, or at least from what we can tell. Kevin’s factory was a few blocks away from the worst damage in the business park, and so far no one has called to tell him not to report. The house is in one piece, and no limbs fell from our trees. It was still pretty scary watching a funnel cloud in between the trees and hearing all the damage reports come in. Kevin’s grandma lives over on the side of town that was affected, a mere four blocks away from the worst of the damage. She’s also completely fine, aside from watching the neighborhood panic around her.

It was just a tiny little tornado that barely stayed on the ground and still all of this mess resulted. Apparently this is one of those times where I should NOT have been apathetic and instead hyper vigilant. lol. I laugh, but only because this is yet another draw back very similar to apathy. It’s a coin toss. Living with PTSD is a coin toss. It’s either one or the other and rarely does the appropriate response surface at the appropriate time. No better example could I have had than this one.

There are some spots in the rest of the state that are much worse off than Nowhersville. I haven’t really watched any of the other news reports because I’ve been busy trying to process what just happened so close to home. Locally we really dodged a bullet. I’m very thankful for that.

5 thoughts on “Actual Doom

  1. If you had lived where we were, your apathy would have been not only appropriate, but dead on. But it isn’t far in any direction that did get hit. There are a few of my facebook friends who spoke as you did also eating their words as THEIR friends post damage pictures.


  2. Yikes, tornados are definitely scary (though I REALLY want to see one. From a safe distance, of course). I thought tornado season was over?! Weird. I’m glad you didn’t sustain any damage or losses.


  3. Thank you. πŸ™‚ Tornado season WAS over. This was just some freakish storm that popped up due to unseasonably warm weather. Thankfully due to the unusual nature of the storm itself most people took it seriously so no one was seriously injured. My brother in law is out of work for at least a month while they rebuild his plant, but that’s the worst we’ve endured. Well that and the completely lack of Starbucks… but can’t complain too much about that. lol


  4. Haha wow, that’s intense. I experienced a microburst a few years ago and it was the freakiest weather I’ve ever been through… absolutely terrifying, I thought all the patients at the hospital where I work were about to get demolished. I’m glad no one was injured, but a lack of Starbucks is it’s own minor sort of tragedy πŸ˜‰


  5. This is the forth funnel cloud I’ve personally seen, the sixth tornado I’ve encountered in my life, BUT it’s the very first one that’s actually hit our town. We’re in the middle of nowhere so it’s mostly farms. One of the “perks” of living in the Midwest I guess.


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