Get it Together

Yesterday I dropped Kevin off at work as usual since we only have one car right now. We also only have one debit card at the moment and when Kevin stops at the gas station in the morning for cigarettes and drinks he takes it in with him. Normally I remember to get it back before Nora and I go on about our day. Today, I didn’t think of it until this afternoon while I was heading to the grocery store. I asked Kevin if he could bring it out on his next break and he said sure. An hour or so went by and I get a text from Kevin: “Are you going to be here for break?” I thought to myself, what? Why would we be there for break? Just put the debit card in the Jeep and I’ll come and get it when I get it. THEN it dawned on me, as I was stopping at an intersection, that I was DRIVING the Jeep. Kevin couldn’t put the debit card in the Jeep if I was not there.

My brain is on overdrive, I am ultra distracted, and I am ALL over the place. I have been for the past two weeks. Somewhere I’ve encountered a trigger that was not immediately obvious. I really need to figure out what it is so I can regain my focus before my distraction turns to recklessness, as it’s apt to do unchecked. So… what happened two weeks ago Bloggies? lol. I can not for the life of me figure it out. Nothing out of the ordinary has been going on really… aside from NaNo and the extra stress of that…. which I guess that really could have been it. I haven’t blogged for a week so…. can’t really look at that for reference… Hmm….

OH… it was the neighbors and their lawn shenanigans. Why in the world did the neighbor’s lawn shenanigans trigger me?? That’s an interesting development… ANYWAY… you don’t care about that Bloggies. lol. See what I mean? My brain just goes wherever it wants to these past few weeks. Thank you PTSD for making me a spastic, distracted, hot mess.

In other better news, Nora is SOOOOOOOO close to walking. She is toddling all over the place like it’s her JOB. She also toddles right along next to me with my fingers in her tiny little baby death grip. lol. It’s weird to think that she isn’t truly, or at least by definition, a “baby” anymore. She’ll always be my baby, but in the purely physical sense she’s growing into a little kid. I love watching her learn new things and master new tasks but at the same time I miss the newborn days. She was such an easy baby. The only demand she ever really had was breast feeding. The rest of the time she was completely content snuggling, and playing on her play mat. She’s still a relatively easy kid, with the exception of now she’s too busy to snuggle with me and the is CONSTANTLY into things.

Her new favorite game is to snatch my power adapter out of my computer while I’m writing. I will sternly tell her no, and she’ll stop, stand there with the most obnoxious look on her face, and slowly reach for it again with one finger. She goes back and forth with me like that for several moments until she looses interest and starts trying to close my laptop on my fingers. When I tell her no for that she pouts, and starts screaming angrly at me. “Mama! Ma! Ma! Ba ba ba!” lol. It’s adorable now, but I forsee having a difficult time with this kid when she gets a little older.

We’ve also reached the bedtime tantrum stage. Again, adorable now, but it has the potential to turn into a problem when she gets a little older. We’ll go in and get ready for bed, play, read, snuggle, but as soon as I turn off the lights she turns into a little hellion. Screaming, kicking, biting, all because she doesn’t want to go to sleep. She might actually need a brighter night light now that she’s more aware of her surroundings. Every morning she points at the decals on her walls, and starts to fuss. I’ve been taking her over to check them out and she seems to have calmed down a little about it. It’s still like world war three trying to put her in bed, but she settles much more quickly now.

Anyway… speaking of Nora and tantrums… I should probably go see why she’s yelling. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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  1. Weren’t the police involved in the lawn mower incident? Or Maybe just the sense of violation. IDK, I’m no Sigmund Floyd.


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